Cars coming to DL


Saw this in my current Mousesavers newsletter.

Cars Land

"The expansion will culminate with an entirely new, 12-acre addition: Cars Land, immersing guests into a world inspired by the hit Disney/Pixar movie Cars, playing to America’s love affair with automobiles.

Radiator Springs Racers, a major “E-ticket” attraction, places guests right in the middle of the amazingly detailed, dimensional Cars’ world of Mater, Lightning McQueen, Doc and Sally. Guests get a quick race briefing from Doc and Lightning, and suddenly find themselves in the midst of a race around hairpin turns and steep banks."

This sounds really neat. I know a lot of kids will love this idea.


Unfortunately, the kids who would be most excited now will be grown out of it by the time it happens! (Sorry, just bitter for my 6 year old! :laugh:)


Cool! Wish sounds like something would enjoy…anything with the word fast and Eticket in it usually is…lol


I think they should do Halloweentown & Christmasland instead… or Wonderland. I know so many kids who would love that. to be honest, I’ve never seen cars before, I’m really into the more classic Disney stories. I know those’ll never grow old. :wub:


Wow that sounds really neat!! I wonder where it’s going to be located? It’s so impossible to picture any expansion around there anymore…but I know Disney will make it happen somehow! :pinch: :laugh:


it sounds like it will be on what is now the timon parking lot. - A different look at Disney…

Sounds excititng. i’m excited!


As long as I can speed around a track at amazing speeds I’m all for it! :wub:


My sons will be thrilled!