"Cars" screening


does anyone know if the disney visa is going to have an advanced screening of “cars?”


Hmm, haven’t heard anything but I’d like to know too. If anyone hears anything let us know :smile:


well, “Cars” comes out on June 9th. so, if Disney Visa is going to have an advanced screening, they should get accepting emails tomorrow for a screening next Saturday, June 3rd. i hope they have a screening. i want to take my nieces to see it but i want to see it first to see if they’ll enjoy it.


I didn’t see one associated with Disney Visa, but I did see an ad in a “Family Fun” magazing.

enter on line at



I could have had tickets to an advance screening… the premiere that is. I don’t want to hear anything about Cars now though. I almost had tickets the premiere, had to wait on Dh to see if he could get off early that day, then tickets sold out. I’m still upset :dry: