"Cars" wows theater owners in first public screening




I’ve been psyched to see Cars ever since I saw it in a preview… forever ago! I hope that little rehab it went through worked. :happy:


That’s so cool. I’m SOOOOOO excited to see CARS. Anything with Larry the Cable Guy’s voice has gotta be good… :laugh: Plus it’s a Disney movie, so that’s cool too… :biggrin:


Lucky people I want to see it soooo bad too! It looks hilarious!


Cars is likely going to shadow and ruin Call of the Wild. “Call” is positioned to look like a Madagascar ripoff and frankly the hype just isn’t there.


I can’t wait until Cars!!! My son has been addicted to Pixar films since he was about 10 months old. Jr. is so mezmorized by the trailer.


I’m hoping Pixar can work their usual magic with this one, cuz frankly, it didn’t look all that appealing to me in the previews. I just know Pixar hasn’t made a bomb yet.


I know that sucks. But hopefully it will still be a big it too. It’s being advertised a lot lately on TV.


It seems like so long ago I saw the first previews. It didn’t look that great but I think I heard that they’ve redone parts of it that didn’t test well. It’s Disney/Pixar so it has to be good.