Does any peeps out there know of any plans for a ‘Cars’ meet and greet, rides, shows, dinners etc

Our 3 year old DD is absolutely crazy on Lightning McQueen and she keeps telling mommy and daddy that she is going to ‘have breakfast with Ligh-tenin McQueen’ on our vacation in April :wub: Very cute

I feel she may be disappointed unless you guys know otherwise :confused:


Awww, that is very cute! I am pretty sure she can see the cars from the movie in the MGM parade “Disney Stars and Motor Cars Parade.” I think they added those characters, right? Unless I am dreaming, and someone will correct me if I am wrong, I am pretty sure that is where you can see them as of right now.


The “cars” where at MGM…ummmm Disney Studio when I was there in May. I would have some pictures but Erin broke my camera.


They were in the parade, right Tigger?


You’re not dreaming, they were in the parade when we were there in May.


Also, I am not sure how the logistics would work having the “cars” characters at a breakfast or dinner :huh: :tongue: but I think it would be such a cool idea. Maybe it would work at the Sci-Fi DriveIn restaurant in MGM!That might add new life to a new otherwise fading eatery and there may be space to do it!! Where the suggestion box lumiere, I’m with ya on that one! hehe!


Now that is inspired! So that’s 2 of us behind the idea, lets start a petition and make it so :laugh:


I heard a RUMOR that maybe Disney would change the Indy Speedway to be “Cars” themed. :smile:


No they were off to the side of the Hat doing a meet and greet with guest (it was actually about an hour after I saw you at our meet and greet).

I got my picture with them but my camera actually died (dead had to be replaced just a hunk of plastic sitting on my desk dead).


Now that would be cool!


You would pick Mater to drive…uh DT?:wink:


Of course!


We saw them last week at DS. Mater and McQueen were doing a meet and greet in the NY Street area. I have not downloaded my pics yet but I will post one when I do.


Phew I wasn’t seeing things :laugh:


DH and I were talking about that yesterday. Indy Speedway is so outdated it would be great if it were “Cars” themed.
Hope it happens!


This time.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


It might be nice to see the Indy be re-themed to Cars–but only if they’re faster!

Wish they could sign an autograph book. Heck, I wouldn’t care if I could just lay my book on the ground, open to a page, and they just drive over it (their autograph being their tire print)…

BUT–I would love to see The King there, too. Not just Mater and L McQ.


The Cars are still meeting and greeting at the Streets of America where the Power Rangers are and also are still in the DSMC parade.


This is wonderful news. Our DD will be thrilled :wub:

Thanks everybody !