Carseat for mears transportation?


I have read that Mears transportaion does not have seatbelts on their vans and buses but what I am not sure about is We will be taking a shuttle from our hotel the Comfort Inn Buena Vista that is a Mears van how do I take a car seat on this van and then carry it through the parks all day??? Anyone ever use this shuttle service with a toddler before? I do not know what to do PLEASE HELP!


Not sure on that one, In a Bus they are not required. I would call mears and ask that question directly to them and see what they say. If you have a few people you might consider going the towncar route, it might be just as cheap and several of them have car seats availble.


I called the people at mears and to be quite honest with you they were clueless< I spoke to a gurk that sounded like she really did not even know how to speak english and she said that I could bring one if I wanted to well at least that is what I think she said


How many people are going and where are you going to?


It will be me, my husband and my two year old we are going to all of the parks from the confort inn buena vista
8442 Palm Parkway to all of the parks


Have you checked to see what your hotel supplies for a shuttle service? My guess is they will get you to disney. As for Universal and seaworld you would be talking around $14 per person roundtrip (rough guess I may be wrong) My guess is if you check into a towncar you would talking right around the same price. You might try contacting Quick-Silver tours ( and see what there prices would run you.


Mears is the shuttle service that our hotel is using we are not going to universal or seaworld just disney this trip


OHH, They use vans for that, normally mears shuttles are buses however I could see some resorts only being a van and I’m not familiar with that particular resort. There are lockers but I doubt that would help you, I would guess your car seat is larger then a locker.


yeah i am npt sure exactly what I am going to do yet thanks for all of your help


If it is a van, they have seatbelts. We took a Mears van once, and I remember there being seatbelts.


If there are seatbelts what the heck do I do with the carseat once I get to the parks?


Ok everyone I just spoke to my hotel and got somene that spoke english! WHOO HOO anyways he said that the shuttle is a full size bus and that they do not have seat belts so that answers my questions thanks so much for eveyones input!


Thats good to hear.