Carz and Einsteins Goods


Just wondering from anyone visiting lately if there is a lot of Cars and Little Einsteins merchandise available in the parks yet??

My kid is into both and would go nuts in Sept. if there is alot to choose from…



I was wondering the same thing actually my DD just adores Little Einsteins. Would be great to be able to buy her lots of bits when we come over. Thanks for asking the question!


I would imagine they would be offering more Einsteins now, especially with the addition of the character meal. I’m positive the parks will have more Cars merchandise, just look at your local Disney Store!


I am not sure about Little Einsteins…I haven’t seen too much merchandise for that, but I haven’t exactly done a thorough investigation of the stores here at Disneyland lately. But I do know there is already lots of Cars merchandise! Love it! :heart:

I would assume the same is true over in WDW. :mickey:

Gosh, there’s even a lot of Cars merchandise at Target! :laugh:


I believe Cars merch is sold in MGM, as the Cars characters appear there.


Well, now that the Little Einsteins are doing meet and greets on Mickey Ave they do have a lot more merchandise at Studios. As far as Cars, they’re EVERYWHERE, especially at Studios. When you go to meet and greet with them, look all around for their stuff.


World of Disney in DTD had lots of Cars stuff too.


CARS stuff is EVERYWHERE!!! I don’t remember seeing too much Little Einstein’s stuff though…


that is fantastic news. DD adores the Little Einsteins! A M&G with them is brilliant news for us! We will be there in april and can now add that to our plans. Thanks for info.


Ariel, you know about the playhouse disney breakfast at H&V, has June and Leo of Little Einsteins (as well as JoJO and Goliath) right? Maybe try that if DD is a fan. We’re trying it in December.