Casey's Hotdogs


This is really unimportant, but I am super excited and dont have anyone else to share in my excitement with me! I get to work at CASEY’S on Friday! YEAA! First, I dont eat hotdogs, but to me, Casey’s is just one of those places that is so very Disney! Friday was supposed to be my day off, but I picked up the shift because I was sooo excited when I saw it! LOL, my roomates think I’m nuts! :happy:


I swear my husband consumed at least 10 Casey’s hotdogs last month. :blush: They are his favorite! Maybe we will see you there some day! Congratulations!:happy:


Um, I don’t like hotdogs, and I CRAVE Casey’s hotdogs! :wacko:

They are SOO good, and totally Disney! That’s so cool, magic! You rock!


Did someone say HOTDOGS??!?!?! man, i’m hungry.


I LOVE hot dogs!!!:laugh: :laugh:


umm…where is casey’s?


on Main St.


Casey’s is the best! I love posing next to the statue of the ballplayer outside. And Stusbabydoll (Jen)?, like Wish said, it’s at the end of Main St. USA just as you are heading left towards the Crystal Palace. :mickey:


You lucky girl-I hate you!!!(LOL)


Casey’s was the only place that my DD would actually eat on the trip we took in 1998. I’m so glad you’ve got the chance to experience something that excites you so much! Hope all the guests treat you right!!!


when i go to the MK, i love to eat either a casey’s hot dog, or a turkey leg…

have fun working there…


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - Casey’s

I was going to put a picture of Homer here but don’t know how to. HELP please!!


I have to visit Casey’s every trip. It is a tradition that began when I was 8.


I enjoy casey’s so much i was able to convice DW to let me name our first born after him (sort of - his name is kyle christopher - KC for short)


Casey’s is a tradiyion for us. Every trip, is a light lunch there.


I hope you have fun. I wish I were at Casey’s right now!


Casey’s Rocks!! Love the hotdogs and the piano player!!


Awesome! Let us know how it goes!


Hope you like the new gig and that there are no cranky guests!!! Will it just be for the day or is this a transfer? Have fun!!!


Have fun working somewhere new! :happy: