Cash alternatives?


I was just wondering with all of our new age technology…are people still using travelers checks?

Are there any other “new age” cash alternatives to use while traveling?



Travelers Checks are always the best bet.


We brought traveler’s checks with us when we went in Dec. I thought it may be a hassle, but everyplace took them and I felt much safer having them. I was also thrilled that we didn’t have to pay any outrages fees by using an ATM machine. I will get them again for our next trip. The biggest “hassle” with them was how much signing was required at the bank while purchasing them! Not really a hassle, but I was surprised. I am not aware of any other cash alternatives out there, but would love to hear about any.


Travelers Checks are the way to go, still.
They are the safest, cheapest thing around.
I think that American Express has come out with a card that supposedly replaces the actual paper T-checks. That would work for me too.


I love my debit/credit card at WDW. And I know that if it gets stolen, I’m not responsible for replacing the cash. However, I do have a bone to pick over those $2.00 ATM fees… .


I am surprised to hear how many people are still using traveler’s checks - I haven’t used them in years. I always thought they were obsolete by now, I am such a victim of not asking enough questions I guess. We always use our debit card now when we travel to Disney. What about on cruises? Can you use traveler’s checks to pay your final bill on a cruise?


We used our debit card but I hate the $2.00 fee and there is a limit on the amount of money you can spend per day. And they count Friday, Saturday, And Sunday as one day.


I think traveler’s checks are totally unecessary unless you are traveling to a region that doesn’t take plastic or have local ATM machines.

I haven’t used traveler’s checks for years when traveling in the US. On our recent trip to WDW we used our debit and credit cards, just like we would when paying for anything near home. It’s Florida, not Siberia.

Then only place I’ve used traveler’s checks in recent years in out in the sticks in the back roads of Greece, when we stayed at hotels and pensions that didn’t take plastic. And even then, for the most part, we’d withdraw cash from a local ATM first. Most of our traveler’s checks came right back home with us.

Our debit cards have no fees and no limit on what we can spend each day. (there is a limit for what you can withdraw out of an ATM each day, but not for debit purchases.) If your bank is doing that, I’d keep shopping for a bank! Or possibly join a credit union.

I think the travelers check concept is outdated. Take them with you on safari - you won’t need them at WDW.


I think the use of travelers checks is a personal opinion! I had my debit card stolen on vacation and it was soooo much of a hassle and with travelers checks they are replaced immediately with your receipt.

So I disagree that they are out dated!! a Debit card cannot be immediately replaced and that caused problems for us!

I will use travelers checks as long as they are still offered or the new travelers credit card! I do not like to use my personal debit card on vacations if I do not have to! And we do not do the credit card thing anymore!!


I think Traveler’s checks are a hassle. The convenience is worth it to me to pay the fee to use the ATM every few days.


Whoa, don’t be offended - it IS a personal opinion, which is why I used the words “I think.” If you like using travelers checks that’s your perogative. I didn’t mean to upset anybody.


I do it like this. I have half in Disney dollars, some of my cash with me and the rest in my account for access with my debit/credit card. I like using the Disney dollars. I use it as a saving tool. I buy them and throw out the receipt…hahaha can’t take em back and the money is saved. I have to trick myself sometimes…no self control with shiny new shoes and handbags…lol


I use the heck out of my room key. I dont even take the debit card in the parks (just in case I DO loose it.) I just use my debit card to check in and have charging privledges on my room key. I think just about every kiosk takes the room key now. We usually bring 20-30 dollars cash per day just in case.

Ive never been a fan of travelers checks. I did get them when I lived in Mexico last summer–but basically because the school i went to recommended it because there were so many muggings (which by the way is lovely to hear on your first day in Mexico) However a few of my friends did end up having travelers checks stolen/lost and they were very easy to replace…and most places in Mexico dont take credit cards…and finding a wachovia in mexico is NOT an easy task!


I was not offended I was just giving a for instance in what happened to us and maybe I was remembering what a hassle it was! Sorry did not mean for it to come across that way!! :blush:


No, you don’t need to shop around for another bank. Each debit card limit is a personal limit. The banks start out with a preset limit of lets say $300.00. You talk to your new accounts person or your personal banker (whatever the title) and they set your spending limit anywhere you want.
Ex banker speaking from personal knowledge :smile:


Just a quick side bar, when you’all talk about Disney Dollars, you do mean the dollars that they sometimes give you in the parks when you return a stroller, etc?
If so, where can you buy them if your closest Disney store is at least 300 miles away?


Yes, they are the Disney Dollars I am talking about. Well if your closest store is 300 miles, you could always ask me to grab you some…I’d be happy to help. I like giving these to my DD for allowance and special occassions so she has some of her own spending money too. She likes shiny new toys like Mommy and needs some help with saving…lol


Dopey, there is a Disney Store in the River Town Mall in Grand Rapids. It is just under 100 miles from us. I just wanted to let you know it was there in case you didn’t know.


Just as an fyi…
American Express does have a card like Travler’s Checks:,1641,22395,00.asp?aexp_nav=travcheques


I use my ATM card all of the time. I can use it everywhere there is a debit machine or they accept Visa. I don’t have to carry a lot of cash on me. Whenever I need cash, I just find a machine. I pay for all my purchases in the stores with it. It just doesn’t get better than that - for me. The best thing is I am not charging anything. It all comes out of my checking account.