Cash reservations


I have a question - if I was short points for one night of a planned 7 night stay, could I pay for one of the nights in cash to cover it off?

DH and I weren’t sure how this works, just curious.


I think you can, if the room is available. I don’t know if you ge tany kind of discount though. Let us know how it goes – I am interested to see what the policy is!


DVC members can book rooms at any DVC resort at a 25% discount off the rack rate, SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY.


Wow! I’ve been a member for almost 8 years now, and I didn’t know that. I think I asked this question when I joined, and they said I could book the “cash” rooms, but I would have to change to a different room, because they have seperate rooms for cash and members…maybe something changed and I didn’t notice, or maybe I just didn’t understand correctly. There was availability at the time, but they said that I would need to switch rooms during the trip. I’m going to look into this for future trips!! Thanks for posting this!


What you would do is:
ex: you have 300 pts and you want to stay for 8 nights which is 326 and so you go back 1 night or how ever aren’t covered completely by pts and pay the cash for just those nights.


Thanks for the clarification! I’m really happy about this! We are major “borrowers” and it would be nice to let my points catch up for a while!!


Also, if you have another non-DVC family traveling with you, they can get a cash room with the discount if they’re linked to your reservation. We’ve done this a couple of times with our friends. Now they rent points from fellow MB’ers.