Cast members' love their parades


I was playing on you tube looking at disney parades as I sometimes do and came across the Cast Member preview for last year’s MNSSHP. Holy lord do the cast members get into these previews. Hearing their excitement really makes you wish you could be there for one of these. The cast members in the parade certainly go over-the-top with their performance as well…obvious that the shovel guys are by far the favorite of all. You can baely hear the music through the hooting when they turn up. Totally a fun night for all it seemed…sniff wish I could be there for MNSSHP this year…

Here’s the link…it’s 4 parts and worth every second of watching.
YouTube - Boo To You Parade Cast Preview part 1 of 4

CMs: I’m totally jealous of you.


Aw! It is great to see the CMs supporting each other like that! Thanks for posting.


I agree. Looks like a great time for everyone.


We went to the opening of MK last year for the first time. They have the trolly car coming down Main Street and the dancers get off and sing that song from the movie, “Meet Me in Saint Louis”. You know, clang, clang went the trolly and so on. Well, there was a staff member standing there helping to cooridnate things and boy oh boy he was singing up a storm. So funny, walkie talkie ear piece in his ear, leather jacket on and belting out the show tune. It was really funny how much he was into it. We crack up everytime we watch our home movies. We filmed him instead of the dancers, he was that entertaining!


I know just what you are talking about. I have seen CMs totally get into productions that that are taking place in the park. I dont’ mean the CMs performing…I mean the ones watching. It is so much fun to watch them…makes you get into it too.


They are amazing!!! I never miss the chance to attend a cast preview. They are so much fun!!! Everyone is cheering, laughing, and having a blast. The also tend to be a little wilder than average day. I can’t wait for the next one!!!


Good call Val! See you at the Christmas Parade preview!