Castaway cay cabana spa reservations


Does anyone know exactly which website to go to to book a reservation for a Cabana Massage on Castaway Cay? I understand booking is done on-line only and can’t be done prior to a 75 day window. I’m searching for a direct website and can’ seem to locate. Thanks for any help


Not sure…you should definately contact someone at disney and get them to point you in the right direction if no one on here knows.


I believe the cruisline website is the only way to do it.
If everyone is suppose to wait until day 75 before the cruise then it would be an unfair advantage, wouldn’t it?

The people who are repeat cruisers have a 90 day window and the ones that have the Walt Disney or Roy Disney suites, I think, have 120 days out to book their pleasures :wink:


Yes, that area your reservation on the DCL website will open up at 75 days (midnight) if it is your first cruise. Believe me there are people up at midnight to book. Make sure you are paid in full several days before just to make sure.