Castaway Cay snorkel/float rentals


I read that reserving snorkel equipment and raft/float rentals at Castaway Cay prior to sailing is not necessary…there are plenty of rafts and snorkel equipment, and we can simply get it when we arrive on the island. Is this true? Will we be taking a chance?
Are the rentals full day rentals?


based on the amounts of supplies I saw on our trip I would safe this is a true statement. I tried to PM message you with additional information and a link to another great site for cruise information but I seem to be unable to do it. PM me if you are interested.


I would say that you would be fine. What you heard is true. When we were there they had plenty. Also, yes, they are full day rentals so make sure you get them early to get your full value out of them.


When we were there, as everyone said, there are plenty. I actually offered mine to a lady who was with her child to use while we has “down” time. I noticed at the end of the day, not too many people actually handed them in. I saw CM’s come and grab them.


Phew! One less thing to deal with prior to the cruise.
I’m so excited about Castaway Cay. I plan on my husband and I spending a relaxing day at the Adult Beach, soaking in the sunshine with a couple cocktails!


Your going to love Castaway Cay. It was by far the very best port of call for us. It is really an amazing place and you have to see it in real life to believe. Enjoy!!


Castaway Cay is AMAZING!! If you like to snorkel the Stingray snorkel is really great!!!
Castaway Cay is our favorite port and the food is phenomenal!! Make sure you try the ice cream, for some reason it is soooooo amazing:wub:



It’s too bad that the ship couldn’t dock there over night and you get two days there. I am not a “relaxing” on the beach kind of guy. But I will say, I did there and enjoyed it. The bigest problem is that your on this beautiful island paradise and the next day I’m back home. I wish CC was earlier in the voyage.


Yes, I have thought the same thing…it’s sooo relaxing…it makes it even harder to be back in the real world the next day:pinch:


Yippee! Can’t wait to see it for myself!!


Castaway is great. Have not done the sting ray adventure in Castaway. I figure that after you go to string ray city in grand cayman nothing can compare to real live sting rays in there natural habitat. If you are stopping in grand cayman that is something you have to do because no other sting ray adventure will ever compare and you have to experience it to know. Lastly, if you want some excitment on castaway try the jet ski tour. It is only about an hour but it is the most fun that I can remember ever having. Try it.