Castaway Club?


We are going on our 2nd trip in December. Is there any benefit to this Castaway club. There was’nt in price, but what about check in, and the party we are invited to? And this Castaway Club party with the Captain…suitable for the children? Formal or fun?



The party is fine with kids. We did not go on our last cruise, but I know others really enjoy it. We received a towel in our room when we arrived, and there is a special area where you can check in at the terminal when you arrive.


We got a towel (it’s a nice towel) and you can check in at a special desk, as Mickey said. We also got an invitation to a private cocktail party with the Captain. That’s about it.


All and all seems nice. Is the special check in only for the intial check in? Do you still need to wait in the line to Board?
We were there and had to wait about an Hour for the “ropes to drop” to go aboard.


Didn’t experience that ourselves, but our cruise wasn’t full. People just seemed to wander in as soon as they were finished at the desk. The special check-in was great though. We were the only ones in it and just breezed through. We didn’t go to the party - it was at a sort of weird time of day, about 3:30 I think, and we had other plans. I’m sure children would be welcome.


I think we were there right as the Desk were opening, about 1pm (I think) and to be honest the check in was easy as pie, and we only waited about 20 minutes in the other line until they opened the gates. And with the security checks from that point on, we breezed right in. Did they announce your name as you entered…I loved that!!!