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Travel Channel Casting

I just saw this on another forum and copied it to post it here. I didn’t see anything about it on the Travel Channel website so I hope it is legit.

Travel Channel/Disney Special - Casting 5-6 Families To Have Stay At Disney Vacation Club Featured On TV Show (To Air August 08)

Benefits of family being on show:
-experience Disney Vacation Club travel and accommodations, all expenses covered
-an experience to remember at Disney Vacation Club including hospitality, Disney quality and creativity throughout
-have travel experience be featured on Travel Channel show

Ideal families should:
-have affinity toward regular Disney travel/vacationing / be DVC members or have considered membership
-be fans of Disney
-be multi-generational (possibly live or have support of grandparent(s)/extended family)
-have experience traveling/vacationing at Walt Disney World in Florida, ideally be a Disney Vacation Club Member
-have flexibility to travel the first two weeks of June 08 (firm travel/shoot dates TBD)
-be interested in future travel and stay at Disney Vacation Club with family (beyond production of Travel/Disney special) to Walt Disney World.
-** families of ethnic or cultural diversity are encourage to apply

For casting consideration please send the following information to:
-contact information (email address, contact number)
-photo of family
-info about members of family (ages of family members, outside interests and occupations)
-interest/experience in Walt Disney World travel/vacationing

Thank you for your interest in this Disney/Travel Channel project. Due to the volume of submissions, we cannot respond to every family that applies immediately, but we will get back to you as soon as possible if your family initially is approved of casting consideration.


OHHHH I would love to enter, but I wouldn’t consider my family experts…

DH has only been to WDW twice… and he has NO interest in DVC no matter how much we talk about it.


darn I have no kids but I am a Disney freak … wonder if they would take two person families


I am so applying RIGHT NOW!


I want to apply SOOOOO BADLY! Why wont I? The TV adds 10lbs to my already needing less lbs body!:laugh: We don’t want to scare Disney fans away!:eek:


Very cool, thanks for the post!


I’m not thin in the least! Don’t let it stop you from being cooler than everyone else.



Our yearly trips include a multi generational and multi cultural group!


Is that super cute baby involved??? Cuz that is one cute baby!


Yes, that is from our son’s first trip. And thank you:blush: I grew him myself!


I’m am up for this!


I have entered please send pixie dust


Awww I wanna do this!! …but I don’t like my family very much. :laugh:


Gee, even though I am totally sure we would have won (wink! yeah right!) we just can’t clear our schedules at that time! LOL


Wouldn’t it be great if an MB’er got this?


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I entered too. We’ll see. Good luck everyone :closedeye


OK, I admit we entered too. It was just fun writing out our information and finding the right pic to send.

Good luck! It would be great if someone from this board got picked.



LMBO!!! Funny…i was thinking the same thing when I read multi-generation family.


Okay well I like them as much as anyone is supposed to like their family…but there is NO WAY I’d want the way we handle vacations broadcast on TV. :glare:


Ooooohhh, ooooohhh!! We want to do this!! We’ll be there the 1st week of June and could possibly extend our trip another trip…well maybe…Do you think they’d want our entire brood, we travel in a herd…there’s usually 16 of us, 15 on our upcoming trip. Hmmmmm??? DSis…DMom…wanna do it!!!