Castle cake


I am sending my wife and son to Disney for Christmas this year. Yes I wish I was going :frown:. I want to surprise them in their room with different little things while they are there. Has anyone ever ordered the Castle cake and could you give any information you have. Thank you.


Which cake are you referring to? Do you have a link? I’ve seen the big castle cake that the Grand Floridian does, is there a smaller one?


I found some info about a castle cake on a web site. the site is They say the cake is $25 but there is not really any other info about it. I also found the Disney Florist so I will have some Christmas decoration sent to their room flowers, baloons, etc. and I hope to have a ginger bread house delivered to them also. I think I am more excited about them going than they are. (wish I was going)

I would also like to say HELLO to all my fellow Disney lovers on the site.

Thanks again


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You can call the cake hotline and order it to be served at a meal. Someone here will have the number . . . I can’t find it right now! :blush:


I found it!! 1-407-824-1089

You leave a message and they call you within 24 to 48 hours.


Thank you…