Castle Cakes


During our upcoming trip in November we have planned a dinner at 1900 Park Fare. I wanted to order for my DD8 and her DBF9 the mini castle cakes. Has anyone ordered them before and if so, were they good?


O those cakes are so cute! I saw them on the food network. You are a really nice DM! I would love to know about this too.


Never heard of them… Anyone have a picture? Id love to see what they look like


Took this from (Thanks!)

The castle cake is only available at the Grand Floridian resort and restaurants.

Plan a meal at Citricos, Narcoossees, 1900 Park Fair, Grand Floridian Cafe or the Afternoon Tea and make sure you order the cake at least 48 hours in advance. It is not available on a walk-in basis.

I read on another board . . . a post from 2006 that is cost $25!

Here is the hotline: New “Cake Hotline” for Guests requesting celebratory cakes at most Table Service dining locations. The Cake Hotline number is 407-827-2253 and requires 48 hours notice.

Expect to leave a message and get a call back in a day or so!

There was this number too: GF Bakery407-824-2474.


How much are they?


Here is a link to a thread from another website that has hundreds of photos of different WDW cakes from many restaurants. Bon appetit!

Official Birthday/Anniversary Cake thread - Page 2 - The DIS Discussion Forums -


those little ‘Castle cakes’ look awesome. I remember seeing th glass slipper cake on a thread once upon a time but never have I seen these. Beautiful! If I could only get my DD to eat cake, I would 100% get her one of these as a special suprise!


Thanks for all of the info. Has anyone ever eaten one? I’m curious as to how yummy they are.


The thread I found said $25, but that was from 2006 . . . you can call the number on my post? Let us know what you find out! :happy:


That cake is BEAUTIFUL! Not sure it’s worth $25 or more, though. :ohmy:


I know . . . it looks CUPCAKE size . . . and too pretty to eat! :happy:


:laugh: My DH would KILL me if I paid $25 for a cupcake!!! :laugh:


Yes, I dunno if I could justify that either . . . ALTHO, the castle looks like a HUGE chunk of white chocolate!! Might be the angle of the picture, but compared to the size of the girls hands . . . I’m thinking CUPCAKE size! :laugh:


Hmmm, anniversary. Narcoossee’s. Castle cake.
OK, it won’t top a surprise vow renewal for our 10th, heck, it’s not even close. But it’s something.
I’d say it’s larger than a cupcake. That is a full sized dinner plate that it’s sitting on. So, it’s at least a cupcake big enough for two.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;858968]Hmmm, anniversary. Narcoossee’s. Castle cake.
OK, it won’t top a surprise vow renewal for our 10th, heck, it’s not even close. But it’s something.[/QUOTE]

It’s the little things . . . :wink:


That’s the thing. After a vow renewal at Sunset Point at the Poly, I’ve pretty much left myself no room for improvement.
Not anything reasonably affordable anyway!