Castle colors?


I know I know, you all must be thinking Im SO obsessed with the 50th ending, but Im really not. But another one of those after the 50th ends opinion questions.
After the 50th ends what do you all think the castle colors should be done with? Do you think the castle colors should stay exactly how it is now, gold and all, do you think the colors should change, or just simply keep the colors as they are but get rid of the gold?
I think the castle looks great how it is, maybe the gold COULD go, but then again I really do like a lot of the places where the gold is now, I think it adds a bit more charm to the castle and makes it feel a bit more fantasy like. There are a few areas where I think the gold could be rid of after the 50th, but hey who knows what could happen. SO, what do you all think?


:crying: They have to change it?

I know, I know…

I love the gold crowns, spires, etc. I can see the gold fabric and 50th sign going, but I hope they don’t take off too much. I think it would be a letdown to see it ‘plain’ again.


I know, its going to seem SOOO weird to see it be back to its old normal self, it seems like the true icon now with the crowns and such. Its going to seem much smaller with everything taken off of it. I hope they keep the colors pretty much how they are now.


Keep the gold I say! The 50th icons can go, but keep the gold! It is beautiful! And regal! And stylish! And cool! :wink: :tongue:


I hope the gold trim stays. :smile: It adds a lot to the castle.


From what I understand, the gold is real gold leaf. So it had to have been expensive to put all that gold leaf on. So in my humble opinion, Disney should leave it on so they don’t waste that money they spent! :wink:


I agree that it should be left on, it does make it seem even more magical.


Either leave the gold leaf on, or scrape it all off and give it to me! :tongue: :wink: