Castle decoration question


With the end of the birthday celebration and the end of Cinderellabration, wil they be removing all the extra decorations from the castle, and more importantly, what about that big oval sign thing over the front entrance/drawbridge? Anybody know? Rowdy? Other CMs?


I remember reading another thread that mentioned they were already starting to take down the 50th decorations. Wish they’d keep the gold characters flying around…it looked nice.


Sorry little change but
does any one know if they will be puting up decor for the new celebration !


I’ve read the crane is already in place to take the decorations down. I’m not sure what’s going up–I hope not much, the castle is beautiful with nothing added to it.


:crying:I wont be able to see the decorations :crying:


This is going to mess up my new Wishes video. Can’t have mixed castles, can I.


No…and I was hoping 2 see wishes when I go… :sad:


Well, if you miss the “romper room magic mirror” on the front of the castle, you won’t be missing much. I’ve really not liked it all that much. I’ll be looking forward to the castle being restored to it’s natural beauty.

I hope the leave some of the golden decorations as, on their own, they’re quite nice.


At least it’s not a birthday cake!!


So did they take all the decorations downs


Yeah, the mirror - me no likey.

The gold squirrels and overlay on the thingies that are pointy (Turrets? something like that, right?) - they rock.


My guess is that the decorations will be down by the 30th. Not sure if they’ll keep any of the gold ones up. But the new castle show starts on the 30th, and that will pretty much be the end of Happiest Celebration on Earth and start the Year of a Million Dreams.


I loved the way they decorated the castle, even the mirror thing. The gold characters were a very nice touch.


I too happened to have really enjoyed the decorations. I could probably take or leave the mirror, but the other stuff was really pretty.


All the gold trim was so incredibly beautiful, I really really wanted them to leave it all up as a permanent addition. It was so fantastic!!!


I agree. I thought the mirror thing cheapened the effect of the gold turrets. I won’t miss that, but the gold was a really nice touch.


Is wishes still going to be preformed after the happiest celebration on earth? Or was that just associated with the happiest celebration on earth.


The Romper Room Magic Mirror is exactly what I’m talking about. I don’t like it either, but it’s there in any shot of the castle. So, for the sake of continuity, that “thing” has to be visable in all shots. It’s kind of like Illuminations during the last part of last year and the beginning of this year, no fire. but that can be edited around if you have enough good footage of both shows.
Rowdy, if it comes down on the 30th, that fine by me. Unless I come back up for a second Halloween Party in October. We’ll see.
For those who are worried that Wishes will be ending, it won’t. Disneyland IS ending “Remember:Dreams Come True” after the birthday, but will be rolling out Halloween and then Christmas shows in the interim.


I missed the birthday cake but saw a few pictures.
Did anyone like that?

Anyway I agree that the gold decor at least around the spires is very nice.

BTW Soundgod, I love your “Vacation” Tag line. Walleyworld! :laugh: :laugh:


Wishes was not created for the Happiest Celebration. Wishes was being shown nightly before the Happiest Celebration even started. I saw it when I was there in November 2004 and according to Disney’s website, Wishes will continue after the Happiest Celebration is over so I’ll get to see it along with Holiday Wishes when I’m there in December.