Castle inn


has anyone stayed there ? if you have what did you think thanks .


I wanted to stay there, but my dad read some terrible reviews and refused to book it. I just liked that it was a white castle across from Disneyland. Apparently the carpet is disgusting and they have insect problems, according to several reviews on expedia, though.

The main problem is, although the hotel is directly across from the main gate, you have to cross 4 lanes of traffic to get there (awful traffic). The cross-walk is a block out of the way, too.

Location-wise, I recommend staying on the same side of the road as Disneyland. We stayed at Desert Palms and could easily walk too and from the hotel. It was a bit cleaner-looking than most of the other hotels in the area, but Candy Cane Inn and Jolly Rodger were also on that side, I believe.


I saw the pricing looked reasonable for the Castle Inn … and decided to check the reviews on TripAdvisor … and decided it might be a “get what you pay for” type of place. I went with my old standby instead. :slight_smile: