Castle Meal, Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner


I have found that most folks on the site like to have breakfast at the castle. I thought it would be nice to have Dinner during our trip to the MK. Kind of romantic, but I am finding out that most like to have Breakfast instead. If I chose to have dinner somewhere else during our day at the Magic Kingdom, where else would you suggest?



We enjoyed Tony’s (no characters), Crystal Palace, & Liberty Tree Tavern (character meals).


I like Crystal Palace and Liberty Tree Tavern. Crystal Palace is a buffet and you have to get your food yourself. Liberty Tree Tavern is more “family style” and they bring the food out to you. After a long day in the park, it’s nice to have someone come and bring your food. :smile:


Don’t give up on Cinderella’s before you try it at least once for dinner. It is truly a beautiful setting, and there really isn’t anything like it! The food can be hit or miss, but we have always enjoyed it. The service is also very good.


Liberty Tree Tavern is so good and have good character interaction!


I agree with limsers. I think possibly the reason you see more breakfasteers posting is that in the old days (up to a couple years ago), this was the only time you’d get to eat with the princesses, so it was by far the most sought-after meal. Also extremely difficult to score.


Not one of your choices, but I prefer to hop the monorail from the MK and eat at O’hanna’s at the Polynesian resort… 10 minutes from the MK and worth the travel time.


We have done both breakfast and dinner in the castle. To be honest, we prefer dinner - there is a little show at the beginning but once the food comes it is so relaxing as there are no characters and you can really appreciate the setting and the food. The breakfast is nice - but it is bustling - so much so that we prefer the breakfast in Norway which has all the princesses but a slightly slower pace to it.


I agree with Dana, I would probably hop the monorail and head over to one of the resorts for dinner. Maybe even a nice boat ride to WL and dine @ Artist’s Point.


We had lunch at the Castle and it was probally our best meal in Disney. We also had a breakfast there during the trip my kids and their gparents. And my dad said it was one of the better breaksfast that he had in Disney.


Lots of people rave about the burgers at the Plaza…

But I vote for monorailing over to Ohana!


I would eat either at Tony’s or Liberty Tree. I love the Liberty Tree!!


We have done them all. I prefer to have breakfast at Crystal Palace and then have dinner at Liberty tree. The castle has gone down hill the past few years. Espesically one they started the new banguet theme.


What Dana said.


I agree…I have never eaten in the castle but I am dying to…since breakfast is such a hard ticket I’d try for dinner first…I think it would be incredibly romantic!!


You might want to still try CRT for dinner. The year before they made it a character dinner I ate there and my ADR was a little before Wishes. They dimmed the lights and you could see it through the windows. It’s one of my favorite Disney moments. The food was really good too. I know that since they made it a character meal the menu and ambiance has changed but you still might want to check it out.

I’ve also had dinner at Liberty Tree and Tony’s and have really enjoyed both. Liberty Tree is one of my favorite character meals and Tony’s has good steak (I’m not much of a steak eater).


We had dinner in the castle (pre characters) it is a cool place to eat. I don’t really remember the food . . . wasn’t WOW, but wasn’t BAD either!

We’re doing the breakfast in Feb for my DD3s 4th birthday . . . on recommendations of buzzers too!!

Dinner at MK can be hit or miss . . . go with Dana’s suggestion . . . OHANA’s! YUM!


I have tried the castle during lunch. If you are traveling with children, I would go for breakfast or lunch, not dinner. If you are going as a couple I have heard that dinner is the best. But I have heard alot about doing dinner at the contempary during the times of the fireworks are scheduled. I here it is the best.