Castle suite


now that year of a million dreams is finished what are they going to do with the suite built for it… can you book it to stay in … it would be probably out of my reach expensive but it would be so cool…


This is the best information I’ve found on this topic:

Cinderella Castle Royal Suite will stay open in 2009 –

Hope this helps!


Interesting article and it makes sense to keep it available for sweepstakes and promotions. If they open it up for reservations it would be booked solid for years to come.


thanks for the info… i saw a special on tv the other night on the travel channel. i think it was a rerun but they showed the inside i want to stay there even just one night…


I would be fine with just going inside of it and being able to take a bubble bath in that tub. lol!


I just want to get inside and look at it. Is that too much to ask?


Same here. Didn’t they have a tour for passholders?


They Did, but the slots filled up quickly, I looked the moment I got the email and nothing was open


My mom LOVES Cinderella, and it would be a dream come true for her to stay there, or even just get a tour.


Id love it if they did tours, or added it onto an existing tour, that would be incredible! Im not asking to stay there (as great as that would be!) but if I could just pop up there and take a few piccies and try out that huge bed and bath! sigh if only!


me too. i really want to stay there but id be happy with a tour maybe we could suggest it.


Given this is such a limited resource and there could be so much demand, I can’t see how they could start to rent it out, unless there were some type of auction process (and then Disney would look greedy).
I think they are smart to keep using it for promotions and free-give aways.
And perhaps an occasional ‘perk’ for a star to do a movie, make a business deal, etc. :slight_smile:


It’s actually two beds, and they aren’t that big… sorry :blush: I took a tour as a DVC member this past September. Here is the link to my TR…