Cat 3 question


Good Morning,
I was wondering if anyone has stayed in a cat 3, esp one of the 4 larger ones. I was luckey enough to upgrade us from a cat 4 to a cat 3 last week due to a cancellation, low and behold we were given stateroom 8543, big and right in the center of the ship. I’m not concerned about noise from deck 9, we all (DH,DS,DD and myself ) all sleep like the dead. I would love to hear about your experience in cat 3 though. Did you like having concierge service?
We are cruising December 5, 2004 4 night Wonder cruise.

Hope to hear from you all soon. Thanks a bunch, have a GREAT day!



Were going on the same cruise!!!But I need to double check to see where we are.
Last time we did not have concierge, still we had a wonderful cabin boy (is that the right name…maybe cabin stewart…I think thats it.

Even with our 2 year old (at that time) we did not spend much time in the room. It was actually very rough the last night…