Cat Cora Kouzzina Opening Announced!



NEW! Kouzzina by Cat Cora at Disney’s BoardWalk is now scheduled to have its grand opening September 17, 2009. Reservations for Kouzzina may be booked starting July 24.

I’m calling tomorrow to book for our last night there: Oct. 3. Yeah!


Just made reservations for Oct. 3. It is one table service on the DDP - I am so psyched!


Very cool! I love trying new places, can’t wait to hear your review.


This is on our list to try next summer, I can’t wait to read some of the reviews as they come in.


I ain’t doing anything until I see a menu!


What kind of food is it? I’m interested in trying too!


Greek food - yummy! Just give me some good souvlaki and I’m good to go!


YUM! I Love all kinds of food!


ME TOO!!! :tongue: And I love trying new food! This is tempting me!!!


Hooray! Although, if ressie’s are available why can I not see the restaurant listed on Disney’s website in the dining section?

ETA: I still don’t see the restaurant on the WDW website but I was able to make an ADR for our first night via phone so it’s definitely available!


I posted the new menu somewhere around here! Couldn’t find this thread! :ph34r:


I tried to change our reservations to another night during our stay and tried 3 different nights…all booked. I was very surprised. I will stick with my current reservation and be happy!