Catfish and family take on the World


Figured I’d better get going on this trip report before all memories start to blend together. :blink:

Let me set it up first.

Cast of characters:
DH (occasional poster known as Slartybartfast)
DS (Chris, 15)
DH;s DD (Emily, 14)
Special guest appearance by DS (Andrew, 20, Orlando resident)

Last year DH and I discussed planning a big 2006 vacation to Scotland and England. In October, Hurricane Wilma changed our plans for us:angry: , so we decided to scale back and do a Disney vacation instead. Fiscally speaking, it probably would have been about the same to go to Europe!

We are fortunate enough to be Florida residents with APs and are able to visit WDW often, but usually for a weekend. We decided to do it right this time.

Friday 6/16 we woke up around 4 am, loaded up the cat bowls (DB is in charge of pet patrol), got DS up and were out the door by 5:15. DD was flying into MCO from Mich. and we were to meet her there around 10:00. It’s only a 3 hour drive, but we wanted to make sure we had time to spare in case of car trouble. Thankfully there was none!

As you can see, DS was a live wire at 5am!:laugh:


Thankfully the trip was uneventful. We made it to Orlando in PLENTY of time to have a leisurely breakfast get to the airport. I like that airport. Where else do they have sculptures of armadillos??:biggrin:


We finally got Emily and headed “home” to WL. I wanted a 2 BR villa, but there were none available so I booked a 1 BR and we brought an aerobed for DS.

Here’s the most wonderful sight! (when you’re coming, but not so much when you’re leaving!)


Haha…my parents have pictures of my sister and I at the
beginning of some of our trips that have the same look!:laugh:


Yea! I’ve been waiting all day for your trip report, I’m loving it so far.


Thanks! I’m workin’ on it!


I had made ADRs for WC at 12:30, not knowing what time we might get back from the airport. I figured we’d eat there then head over to MK since we couldn’t check in until 3:00 anyway.

Well we got to WL before 12 and our room was already ready!:happy:

We checked in and were seated for lunch with no wait at all. I’m thinkin’, “this is a good sign…not too crowded”. (Well, that changed later on!)

DH, DS and I had been to Whispering Canyon before, but DD had yet to be indoctrinated. We were lucky enough to have “Sidetrack Sue” as our CM. She was perfect, tossing handfuls of napkins and straws, yelling across the room, totally embarrassing the teens! She managed to get DD into the act going from table to table singing “If You’re Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands” :laugh:


I had the chicken salad.


I love food pictures! I so meant to do that but totally forgot.

Is that Emily? She beautiful.


great start to your report WL is my favorite resort


Yay!Can you post more of your TR please?


Glad you like food pictures, cuz I took LOTS:laugh:
Yes, that’s Em!


I’m typin’ as fast as I can!!! Sheesh! :pinch: :biggrin: :whistling


DH and DS had the pork sandwich.


By the way, I :wub: love, love, love :wub: your avatar. Wilderness Lodge is so beautiful.


DD had the nachos (hold the tomatoes:confused: )


I think so too! I miss it:crying:


Here’s DH makin’ faces at WC:laugh:

He’s behind me sayin’ “You’re NOT going to post that picture are you???” “Of course not, dear” :wink:


You wouldn’t post an embarrassing picture of your hubby on MB…no way.:angel:


I’m just getting warmed up!:laugh: