Cavey & Lil's Vacation Plans


Keep in mind, our kids are 5, 3, & 1. Bedtime is usually 7p.m.

2/05–Arrive at FW. Set up camper. Dinner at Chef Mickey’s. Hopefully see Cinderbella.

2/06–Rope drop at Disney Studios. Leave when kids need a nap. Dinner at Teppanyaki, Japan, Epcot.

2/07–Rope drop at MK. Tour Fantasyland & Liberty Square. Leave when kids need a nap. Dinner at Biergarten, Germany, Epcot. Stay late for Illuminations

2/08–REST DAY. Explore Ft. Wilderness. Dinner at 1900 Park Fare. 7:00 campfire with Chip 'n Dale @ FW. 8:00 Disney Movie @ FW if kids are up for it.

2/09–Rope drop at Epcot. Tour Futureworld. Leave when kids need a nap. Dinner at Marrekesh, Morocco, Epcot.

2/10–Rope drop AK. Leave when kids need a nap. Dinner at 50’s Prime Time Diner, Disney Studios. Stay late for Fantasmic.

2/11–REST DAY. Play at Ft. Wilderness. 5:00–DC MEET 'N GREET @ SPOODLES!!! Stay up late for Electric Water Pageant.

2/12–Sleep in. Arrive at Epcot at 11:00. Lunch at LeCellier, Canada. Tour World Showcase. Dinner ??? (Maybe cash in those free Planet Hollywood vouchers :closedeye )

2/13–Rope drop at MK. Tour Frontierland & Adventureland. Leave when kids need a nap. Dinner at Whispering Canyon Cafe.

2/14–Rope drop at MK. Tour Tomorrowland & Toon Town. Leave when kids need a nap. Dinner at 'Ohana. Stay late for Wishes.

2/15–Pack up and drive home. :pinch:


oohhh…it all sounds GREAT Cavey! I can’t imagine touring with three that little, but I’m sure you & Lil are used to it and you will all have a BLAST!! Great meal picks BTW!!


Wow I did not realize you were taking a long trip. Your plans look great!


You get to stay a long time! Your plans sound great. Fort Wilderness must be so much fun. Your family will have a blast!


Whoohoo!! Cavey + Lil+ Bella+ Lil Caver’s+ The Dave= LOVE!!

we have a PS at 6:30 at Ohana…what times your CM PS?

Your plans look great…have you ever been to Whispering Canyon…if not your in for a great SUPRISE…oh that place is good…do you have the meal plan? It looks like you do, so I am just assuming you do…I think the 2 day, rest, 2 day, rest theme you have going will work out well for the little guys!!!


Sounds like a great trip. You’re early morning risers like us!! Three kids 5 and under- Bless You! Have you ever eaten at Marrekesh before? We were thinking of there, but didn’t know if the kids would like it.


I love your plans, Cavey!

I can’t wait to meet you! :c)


You will love Whispering Canyon!!


Your plans look really good :happy:


Your plans sound great. Wish I could be at the Meet & Greet but can’t afford it yet. Looking forward to the trip report and lots of pictures.Have fun.


Do you have room for one more in the POP?
I will sleep on the floor if need be.


And speaking of the camper, did you name it?

If there’s not room in it, maybe queensmama could sleep under it. She doesn’t look very big, there’s probably enough clearance for her if she doesn’t want to turn over.


Your plans look great, of course we will meet you at Spoodles! Cant wait to meet everyone! :mickey:


Cavey, everything sounds great! I am glad you are getting to eat at one of my top 3 restaurants in "the world, “teppanyaki” !!! Awww, please take a hayride for me in Fort Wilderness, sit on a rocking chair outside the outpost, rent a canoe, play some volleyball on the sand court… I REALLY miss fort wilderness. :crying: Take lots of pictures for me :happy:

:heart: You are going to have SUCH an amazing time!! I am so happy for your family and that everything worked out so you can go!!! :heart:


10 days! I’m so jealous!:mickey: What a great time you’re going to have. Can’t wait to meet you @ Spoodles!


WOW - 10 whole days!!! That’s awesome!!! Are you guys buying AP’s…just wondering…thinking about it for us. Have a great time!! :wub:


That sounds so fun! I am still looking for one of those pop ups.


Lot’s of questions. Let’s see what I can answer:

Yes, 10 days. On our last trip, we were exhausted. And Lil’ and I both agreed we needed to find a way to stay longer, with more rest time built into it. Plus, it takes us 2 days to drive down, 2 days back. So four days at the park was a bit of a let down. But the camper is making all the difference. Because a campsite is half the price of the cheapest resort, we can do 10 days at WDW for roughly the same amount we paid last year to stay 5 days at PC. In fact, if DD wasn’t 3yo now, it would have been cheaper than the last trip!!!

We named the camper “Pop.” No, not very imaginative, but think of the mind games we can play when we tell people we’re staying at the Pop in FW. (Wait, you mean PC is at FW? I thought it was near MGM.)

Yes, we have the dining plan. Lil’ and I have only eaten at a handful of full service restaurants. PLUS, even though cooking our own food at FW would be cheaper, it takes away from the parks.

Yes, we’ve eaten at Marrekesh. The Berber Feast is why we’re going back.

No, we haven’t eaten at WC. But it’s been high on my priority list for some time. Plus we can take our “train” (the tandem, trail-a-bike-trailer) on the bike path to WL.

The only place I would have REALLY like to have eaten that we couldn’t work into the dining plan was Boma at AKL.


You’re going to have a great trip, Cavey. :c)


Sounds like a real good plan, Cavester. I like the flexibilyt around the children’s stamina. Run 'em when they can; rest 'em when they need it. Fun for all.