CB Pool Rehab


Does anyone know how they are coming on the CB pool rehab? We will be checking in on Sept. 18th and I was hoping the pool would be finished.


I talked to my friend who is a cast member down there and he said the date they were given is the 15th of Sept but could be sooner. We are staying there as well during that time and wanted to make sure it would be open for our DS3.


I was told October when friends of mine were staying there a month or so ago and I visited, BUT your estimates sound more accurate! They usually estimate long to not dissappoint!

Also, it looks AWESOME! You cant see too much, but what you can, and the drawings look amazing! I hope you all get to enjoy it.


All I heard was September.


When I booked my Aug trip LAST NIGHT . . . I was given the choice CSR or CBR and I said hows the pool coming along . . . he said SLOWLY but GREAT … . they are thinking EARLY NOVEMBER!! :eek:

So if you are booked here, I would call and find out . . . altho each CM might give you a different story . . . :nonono2: cuz as we are all finding out, they seem to be the LAST to know! :laugh:


I just called to ask myself when pool rehab would be done, and she told me on schedule (mid Sept.). Just wanted to see what they would tell me. I hope she is correct. We can not change resorts due to no availability.


Good to hear . . . I’m glad you called . . . rumors are ALWAYS a flying!

Take pics for us . . . can’t wait to see what it looks like! :happy: