CBR BUSES AND HOTEL - Whats it like?


We will be traveling to Disney in July and this is the first Disney trip that our daughter (who will be on her honeymoon) will not be with us.

We are taking our granddaughter and thought it might be nice to stay in a moderate resort.

From the posts it looks as though the biggest problem will be the bus transportation to and from the parks.

We realize that Disney should be enjoyed (even on the bus there is always something to look at) and don’t mind the buses, should we be worried?:frown:

I think my husband is having Disney withdrawl, hasn’t been in a while and had a dream last week that he broke into THUNDER MOUNTAIN:laugh:

I hope he can make it until July!!



We love CBR, it’s our favorite moderate resort. The pool was just refurbished in September 2008, so it should be great for your granddaughter. We stayed in the Martinique section (building 26) of CBR in August 2007, we were close to Old Port Royale, the main pool and a bus stop. We never had any problems getting to or from any location within Disney using the buses at CBR. We plan on going back in 2010 and staying at CBR. I hope this helps.


Thanks! I am looking forward to this trip with great anticipation.

I will get to say yes to everything she asks for because her mom won’t be around:laugh: (Just kidding).


I’ve stayed at CBR twice and I love it there. The food court has a good selection of different foods. I haven’t seen the new pool yet in person but I have seen it on YouTube. It looks really neat. Like MickeyEars said, your granddaughter should love it. Have fun!!


Here’s to CBR!


I haven’t stayed at CBR but I’ve visited it and used the bus transportation to/from the parks. The resort is beautiful (love it! :heart:) and I thought the buses were very adequate. Really, no complaints here! I think it would be a great place to stay.


We had a bus driver at CB that drove so fast we couldn’t believe it. He reaced around the loop after we got off. Some of the bystanders were standing there mouths wide open.

I don’t mide a little bus wait. It gives some down time to plan, relax. We thought CB was ok for busses…


No one has mentioned how many stops there are. When we were there, we were excited to be the first stop each time so there was always an open seat, but then the bus proceeded to 5 more stops. To me, it got old fast. I wanted to get to the parks, and although I never timed it, it seemed like it took at least 15 minutes to get through the entire resort.



Thanks for the laugh:laugh: and the info.

My husband likes fast cars, road runners, gtx’s etc. I am sure he would enjoy a ride around the parks at that speed.

Just like Disney.



True true. Id rather be the last stop off and first one on than vice-versa. Its easier to doze while your waiting to exit.

However, at Saratoga it seemed like we were always the last stop, in either direction, Go figure…


How true. Can’t wait for the bus ride.


We have stayed at CBR several times. It is one of our favorite moderate resorts. It is a large resort but it is also a very pretty resort. I would definately stay there again.


We haven’t been to the World much but have been to CBR twice and love it. We didn’t have problems with the busses but it can run some time to get to your room as the Resort is very large and has many stops but as said there is always something to look at and to just relax getting back to the room


Thanks to all for your love of CBR, it does’nt look like we have to much to worry about.