CBR good moderate resort for honeymoon?


This is my first post here and I am honeymooning at CBR in September. I am starting to think that was not the best choice for a resort! Do you have an opinion or tip for me? I obviously want everything to be perfect for this trip and I am considering upgrading to a better resort. :wub:



DW and I stayed at Coronado Springs on our honeymoon in 1997… I really don’t think you can go wrong anywhere on Disney property. After all, it IS your honeymoon :blush: :wub: :biggrin:

That being said, if you’re willing to fork out the dough, I am sure you’d love Poly or GF.

It probably all depends on what you want to use the resort for. Just a room to crash and maybe hang out at the pool one afternoon? Any moderate would be great. Now, if you want to spend a very considerable amount of time at your resort, eat fancy dinners, get spa treatments, etc., then you may want to consider a deluxe.

Either way, enjoy your time!


First off, Welcome to DC and congrats on your upcoming wedding. The CBR is a nice resort for a honeymoon because it is so big and privacy in the farther away building might be ideal. Hoever, if your budget allows it and you are looking for something a bit more exotic and romantic, I reccomend the Polynesian. The palce is simply gorgeous and screams romance. Which ever you choose, your honeymoon will be what you and your new spouse make it. It will be romantic and wonderful regardless of where you lay you head at night. Again welcome to DC and congrats!!


We stayed at the Grand Floridian for our honeymoon in a lagoon view room (not concierge). It was beautiful, private, and excellent because of the monorail access. Also, September is when I honeymooned last year, and it is one of the least expensive times to book. However, Animal Kingdom Lodge is the least expensive of the deluxe resorts, and the rooms seem quite charming and romantic. Congratulations! :wub:


I think the Poly would be a great very romantic choice if you are thinking about upgrading!!!


Congratulations. I hope you have a wonderful wedding and romantic honeymoon. No matter where you stay, you’ll have a wonderful time. In the moderates, I think the CBR would be a good choice. Gorgeous grounds, and it’s big, so you can certainly get away by yourselves easily. A hammock on the beach at sunset would be very romantic :wub: If you want to go up to a luxury, the Polynesian, Grand Floridian or Animal Kingdom would be wonderful.


Be sure to celebrate your wedding with lots of fireworks at MK, EC and MGM! Oh, and you can see fireworks from teh parking lot of the CBR near the Jamaica buildings!


We happen to love the CBR so in my eyes you made a good choice. But like everyone said if you want something thats gonna be really spectacular and you have the extra money go for the deluxe resorts. The CBR is the perfect moderate though.


Thanks :flowers: for all the great advice! Keep it coming if you have more!


Not being married, I can’t really say what the best honeymoon resort would be. I agree, if you are into the hawaiian theme, that the Poly would be nice. I would probably choose the Grand Floridian just because I haven’t stayed there and it would be a great splurge for a honeymoon. Make sure they know when you check in that you are on your honeymoon. I’ve heard you get some extra perks!


We spent ours at POR. It was great, and remains one of our favorites.


I personally am in love with the GF. DH and I saw it first when we took a trip to WDW when we were engaged and when I saw that hotel I knew I wanted to go back there for our honeymoon. It all depends on your taste though. I happen to love the victorian charm and romance of the GF, some people might think it is uptight.
CBR is pretty but, I would probably splurge for a deluxe hotel. I figured I was only getting one honeymoon and I REALLY wanted to stay at the GF. Waking up in the morning to a view of the castle from our consierge room (comp. upgrade!) was amazing.


We honeymooned at Dixie Landings (Port Orleans Riverside). Here’s a tip: the current rates for September are so low, maybe bump up to Animal Kingdom (very romantic). The pool view isn’t that much more however, the Savannah is. No need for the Savannah since there are so many places to view the animals around the resort. EVERY ROOM HAS A PRIVATE BALCONY.


I love the Caribbean Beach. However, since this is your honeymoon, you might consider the Polynesian, Grand Floridian, or Wilderness Lodge, depending on your tastes, for a bit more romanticism (is that even a word?).


CBR was where DH and I went for our “going out” anniversary when we weren’t married…very nice…


CBR is a very nice moderate resort, we spent 10 days there this past May. As it is your honeymoon, if you can afford to upgrade to a delux resort (Poly, GF, WL…) then do it… you only go down this road once (I hope) and it should be as memorable as possible… ENJOY no matter where you stay!!!


We were there for 10 days also in May.

We stayed there for our 2nd honeymoon. Stayed in Trinidad South, the quiet and farthest removed. We loved it and stayed there for our early 15 year anniversary. This time in Jamaica. Jamaica was really nice too. Short walk to bus and OPR, and still far enough away from all the hustle of OPR.


We stayed at Trinidad South last year and found it VERY inconvenient. The hike to the food court to fill up our travel mugs with caffeine was horrible. Very quiet though.


my vote is go to Animal Kingdom it is pretty nice and they have good rates right now. Or Wilderness also has good rates right now for September.


If you do upgrade, I think Wilderness Lodge is very romantic. Plus, it and Animal Kingdom Lodge are the least expensive of the deluxe resorts.