CBR here we come! Just booked a trip for August


I’m very excited to announce that I just booked 8 days at CBR. I can’t wait to start making my ADR’s. I hope they post the August park hours soon.


Yeah! Did you get the Free Dining?


We are also staying @ CBR in June, our most favorite resort we’ve ever stayed in! Can’t wait! Were also staying 8 days, we go 4 of those free!


Congrats on booking your trip. Have fun planning.


Yep, we got the free dining!


This was supposed to be a year without Disney and so far it’s going to be a year with 2 Disney trips - a one day visit this past April and a trip in August! I’m beyond excited.


It’s one of our favorites also, I can’t wait to see what they did with the pool.


Me too, I am most definetly going to take pictures!


woooooooo 8 days!! How exciting!!! Congrats! :happy::happy::happy:


congrats and happy planning


Awesome, can’t beat it, can you? Not much in the world makes me happier than free Disney dining!


Congrats on booking! I can’t wait to watch your plans unfold!


Congratulations:flowers: Have fun planning! :happy:


With the exception of our two standards: Day 1 dinner - Wolf Gang Puck’s and Last Day dinner - Chef Mickey’s we’re going to try and book all new dinner ADR’s.