Ok like I always do when I get home from WDW, and PDD sets in I have to keep myself busy by looking into our next trip to WDW!!!

Sooooo! I want to go 10/31-11/9 to do MNSSHP and just have extra time in the World and maybe go to U!!! :eek: Shhh!!! :wink:

So I was thinking, this will be a longer trip so I can’t afford anything nice or in the Deluxe range, unless I hit the lottery or something! :laugh: If I can afford it I would have wanted to stay at the BC or at the very least back at the WL!

So I was def. thinking a Moderate Hotel and my first thought was CBR!!!
We stayed here back in 2004, our very first trip to WDW and we did not manage our time correctly and never got to enjoy the resort or even worse, that gorgeous pool!!! :frown: So that’s another reason I wanted to go back there but I also LOVE the themeing!!! :heart: That is why I booked it for our very first trip in 2004!!!

On the other hand, I was thinking maybe trying a new resort to keep things fun but none of the other moderates really appeal to me. But maybe I was thinking POR or POFQ.
Now POR looks gorgeous but I dont think I want to stay there. I was then looking at pictures of POFQ and it’s colorful which I like but is it better to stay there? There are 2 good points though, it’s not as Large and widespread as POR AND it’s the first bus stop if we use the buses again! :happy:
(I plan to rent a car for this trip).
I dont think I want to stay at CSR, I like the location of CBR and POR/POFQ plus there is boat service to DTD.

So please help me decide based on what I said, not on what you guys would pick as I think alot of you are not big fans of CBR!

Oh also the Old Port Royale pool will be open then which Iam very curious as to what they are doing there! :happy:

So any thoughts?


Well as it happens I have a similar problem. I have stayed at CRB in 2006 sure it was nice but not what I wanted but we did love the bus trips and the driver entertainment.
I took a look at POFQ last November and it seems pretty cool the attraction been the boat transport to DTD.:wub:

My problem is between PO and all star music up grade to Calypso 1 we loved it there although the transport was a bit mad (it was Christmas and thanks giving) at this moment Port Orleans Riverside is on top but looking at the map on DIS Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside map - wdwinfo.com there is not a lot of bus stops at the French quarter. but the resort is looking good ( UK readers the price for PO is cheaper than all stars in JETsave broacher for most dates)

You have a fantastic time which ever you chose:heart: :wub: :heart:


Been to all three and POFQ is our favorite. Smaller and less crowded.


OK I retract my statement. I have been looking in to PO and my decision is made POFQ wins

Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Photos
some great photos here. i can’t Waite to book:heart:


French quarter over both definately. French quarter is the smallest of the moderate resorts. While it does share a bus with POR, it’s the first to be picked up and dropped off on the route. CBR doesn’t appeal to me in the least neither does POR…they are both just to huge. Being a single-parent like I am, I assume it would make you feel a touch better with your DD maybe having a touch of freedom on your trips to maybe go to the arcade etc by herself while you get ready or whatever. POFQ is so small that she will be ok with doing this.


OK, based on what YOU said I would choose CBR for you. If you love the theming and would like to try out the pool then it seems like no question.

If it were me I would pick POFQ and I have. I like the smallness of the resort and the convenient bus stops. I don’t particularly like the theming of either POFQ or CBR so it is all about praticality for me.


I have stayed at all 3 resorts and would pick POFQ . It’s small and everything is close, your first on and off the bus, and it’s a beautiful resort. I wouldn’t have said that 6 months ago but it’s now our favorite mod resort. I honestly didn’t think I would like POFQ, the theme didn’t look like something I would like when I looked at pictures but it was very nice when I saw it in person.


We have always had wonderful luck at CBR - the only reason we arent staying there in March is bc of the construction on the pool but that she be done by the time you are going. I love the theming and the folks that work there always go the extra mile to make the vacation just right.


I voted for the POFQ. When I visited Dana there this past Sept., the atmosphere was still the same. I love the New Orleans themeing. It’s so relaxing and small. Not the craziness of the bigger mods. As Dana said, being a single parent, you might feel a little easier here - you can give dd a little freedom and still keep her close. Having the one bus stop (for when you don’t use the car) is fantastic. You have the boat to DTD. The pool area is great and I love all the little “squares” the resort buildings are built around. It gives you a great sense of privacy. I just really like the whole resort - it’s a moderate with a deluxe feel. And, of course, it’s the only place you can get beignets.


We love POFQ for the same reasons mentioned above. It’s a very compact, well-themed resort, with beautiful grounds and a charming atmosphere.


CBR, but I hope everyone else picks and goes to the others, so the crowds will be less at CBR. :laugh:


We have stayed at all 3, and liked all, but would go with POFQ. It is small, easy to get around and quaint. You are the first pick up for the busses. The only downfall that we see is that CBR and POR have food courts and sit down restaurants, where as POFQ has only the food court. You can always go up to POR to eat at Boat-wrights (which is what we did).


POFQ - we stayed there this past Oct. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but after being there, I would not stay in any of the other moderates! Everything is so close, food court, pool, laundry, buses, arcade, boat to DTD! It was wonderful!


OMG! I can see this is going to be a hard decision! :pinch: :happy:

Although I do love the themeing of CBR (I Love the caribbean to begin with, New Orleans does nothing for me! :blush:), and I feel so unresolved with missing out on the pool,… I do like to try new things and venture out to new resorts within Disney!
I have to run this by DD again! :blush:

Iam not worried about FQ not having a sit down restaurant, we probably wouldnt go anyways and the bus stop being the first stop is very cool IF we use the buses at all, and the boat to DTD is very cool and being that the resort is smaller is cool too.
What about the rooms at POFQ? Anybody have anything to say about that?
I know CBR supposedly has the largest room size for the moderates, but not like there’s 4 or 5 of us! But still! :happy: ANyone know when the last rehab was? Iam a snob on that respect if the hotel looks outdated or in desperate need for a rehab that would alter my opinion. But then again its Disney and Iam sure it’s fine!!! :wacko:

I have plenty of time to drive myself nuts about this, will make the time go by!!! :laugh: But I usually book in Jan with AAA, it’s Disney Month!!! :biggrin: and they offer extra perks for booking them! :cool: :happy:


I’m having a similar dilema. We are looking at a 10-night early Oct trip for MNSSHP, with my family of 5 (me, DW, DD-5, and twins-2) and are between CBR or CSR w/ 2 cribs, POR with the 5-person trundle or the ASMu suite. This may also be the trip we go ahead and join DVC, so I am also having to debate trying to rent points and try it out before signing on the dotted line. Oh, what troubles to have…:blush:

Prezcatz Paul


I chose CBR, because we loved it!! And Port Orleans doesn’t have the huge counter that CBR has by the sink


POFQ!!! Love it! I have seen CBR and POR and stayed at POFQ and I love it. If I can’t stay at a deluxe on my next trip this is the only place that I will stay!



That’s right!!!
I love those huge counters for all my junk!!! :happy:


I voted POFQ, I haven’t stayed there since um 1990, BUT, we are staying there for DD 4th birthday this coming February! AND, having stayed at POR last July, and pool hopping to POFQ, I know it’s a nice resort! POR was in dire need of a refurb back in July . . . yuck! (Altho, to Disney’s credit, they were working on the rooms)

Based on the comments on this thread, I think I’m going to like staying at FQ, the little boat to DTD is good . . . sometimes a little slow when you are tired and want to get home! (Mostly I drive)

Good luck with your decision . . . we love MNSSHP, and go every year!


CBR and Riverside are too big and the buses must make the full circuit of the resorts’ 4 stops before heading to the park. French Quarter has it’s own bus to MK (usually) and is the first stop on combined Port Orleans buses to AK, Studios, Epcot, and Blizzard Beach. The bus to DTD/Typhoon Lagoon makes the rounds of Riverside first before stopping at French Quarter.
Again, FQ has only 1000 rooms, CBR and Riverside, 2000.
The only downside to FQ is they have no sit down table service restaurant. But you could easily drive to Riverside or grab any bus other than a DTD bus and ride it to the Riverside’s main building. For the return, grab the DTD bus.