CBR pirate room questions


Has anyone stayed in one of the new pirate themed rooms? How did you like it? I noticed on the WDW website that they have a pool or lake view…what buildings are they located in? Thanks!


I have not seen it, but we were thinking of staying there. Cant wait to hear feedback!


All six of the Trinidad South buildings (well, maybe not Building 34) are going to have some water view rooms.

When it comes to making a reservation at Disney’s moderate-level resorts, they make NO distinction between a view of a lake/river and a view of a pool. In other words, you can’t book a “lake view” room or a “pool view” room, there’s just “water view” rooms. When you are standing at the front desk, their computers can make that distinction, but it’s impossible to make a reservation for one or the other.

Buildings 35 and 38 have the most lake frontage, 39 has some, 37 (and possibly 34) may have some distant lake frontage. The village’s quiet pool is between Buildings 36 and 37.

OK, so those are the cold hard facts. Now, please allow me to share my opinion …

Save your money. DON’T PAY FOR A WATER VIEW. Why??? Because at all four of Disney’s Moderate resorts, your window and door open onto an exterior corridor, the walkway that everyone has to use to get to and from their rooms. In other words, if you have your curtains wide open to enjoy the view, then everyone walking by has a great view of YOU !

So THAT is why I always recommend against spending an extra $25 per night at the Moderates for a water view. :cool:


We did the pirate rooms at CBR last spring. I did a (partial :blush:) TR about it…Aaaarrrgggg! A Pirate Trip Report, April 8/09. I posted some pics of the rooms, they are really fun, Disney did great theming. They are all located in Trinidad South (the furthest from the Main Building so a bit of a walk). They do offer pool/lake views but not all of the rooms offer that (ours was a garden/parking lot view). However, the area is really quiet and peaceful. There is a quiet pool nearby and a large beach area with hammocks and playground equipment for the kids.

They are definately a must-do at least once for anyone with kids or anyone who loves pirates! The refurbished main pool area is really great as well.


thank you!!


I was going to ask that question too. I’m going in September can’t wait. :pirate:


We are staying in one April 1st - can’t wait!