CBR Pirate Rooms


We are booked for a 2 week stay at POFQ this June. We have never stayed at a moderate and POFQ got great reviews from my MB friends. I just saw pics and a review of the pirate rooms on Allearsnet.They look pretty cool and I have an 8 yo son who would love it. We always do CRT for my daughter and there is usually nothing special for him. So …I am second guessing myself on our choice of POFQ over the CBR pirate rooms. Has anyone stayed in them and are they worth the extra money. Is the pool nice?


Go find Val32’s TR from October . . . she took pictures of the pool there it is AMAZING!


The new pool area looks stunning, really incredible!!!

And I heard that one village at CBR is a pirates theme, and another is a Nemo theme. I know someone will come on and confirm, but if you have a preference, you should call your TA or Disney or whomever made your ressie and request that type of room so they can plan for you.


We are staying in the Pirate rooms in three weeks! Can’t wait! Yoho Yoho A Pirate’s life for me!:pirate:
Can you tell I’m a bit excited?!:mickey:
DS6 has always loved pirates so that was our main reason for choosing this resort for this trip. We had also booked POFQ, a resort we love, but after seeing the new pirate rooms and the new pool refurb (love the beach entry for our smaller kids DD4 and DD2 - no longer have to always hold them in the pool!) we switched our ressie. The kids are also very excited about the Pirate Ship splash park area as well!
I can give you more info in a few weeks if you would like, but I’ve found Allears a great site that has kept us up to date with all the changes.


Look what I just found on Allears…

Caribbean Beach Resort ? Pirate Room (The ?World? According to Jack)

Kind of sorry we did not book the room now:sad:


Have you looked into the Pirate Cruise for your son? It’s a lot of fun and would be something special just for him. I think it cost around $32 for a 2 hour cruise, he gets lunch and a Mickey Ear bandana along with treasure at the end. I also think that it is available at POR and CBR


I found this link too: Main Pool - Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort’s Main Pool

And I just booked for Mother’s Day weekend!! YIPPEE!!! :mickey:


:confused:Does anybody know if Disney is going to redo the exterior of the resort. It gets on my nervous that the outside has very bright pinks, blues and yellows and then when you go into the room, it’s all brown and tan. But that’s just me.:laugh: