CBR - Pirate Themed Room Question


We love our CBR and stay there all the time.

Has anyone stayed in the new Pirate Themed rooms??

I’ve heard that they are only located in Trinidad South. Also are they themed more towards younger children??



That’s a good question and one I dont’ have the answer to. Common sense tells me that a pirate themed room would be cool for any age though, so who cares who it’s geared to. Go for it! I want to see what it looks like, so you can be our guinea pig and try it…and of course take pictures for us…:ph34r::laugh:


I was thinking of calling and having our ressie changed to a pirate themed room, depending on where they are located in the resort. They are the same price as a preferred room, which there were no preferred rooms left to be had, but they offered the pirate themed room.


That sounds cool. Hope you get one and post us pictures.


I saw some really cool pictures of them, one of the Mom’s Panel winners posted them in her TR on the Dis boards. They look awesome, and I didn’t think they looked childish at all!!!


Hey we are also staying @ CBR and I can’t wait to see the new rooms and the new pool area!


I didn’t get a chance to call, hopefully tomorrow to find out exactly where they are located.


I read an article in Orlando Attractions magazine about the CBR update and they said that the pirate rooms are in Trinidad South. They look really cool though - it may be worth the extra walk. :happy:


Here’s a link to the official “artist’ rendering” and room description…

And here’s a link to the DisBoard picture.

My boys (DH included) would just love this! In fact, I described it to my DH last night, and he got the biggest grin on his face. Hmm, maybe we’ll be going back sooner than I thought.



We originally had the 4/3 deal booked but cancelled it a few days ago before learning about the military 40% off code. We rebooked this a.m. and got a Pirate room at CBR for June…DH and I are excited as we are all Pirates lovers here. We aren’t telling the kids about the room, so they are going to be so surprised when we open the door!

I saw pics of the rooms on the Disboards, and the disneyworld site also has two pics of the pirate rooms if you click on CBR resort and then the rooms tab.

Edited to add, the rooms are more expensive ( I think at rack rate pricing, it was $141 more for a Pirate room-Standard view for 5 nights). I’m not sure I’d be willing to pay $30 more a night for a “themed” room, but with the 40% off discount, we decided it was worth it to try it.


I haven’t seen a real picture just the one’s Disney put out but I remember but could be wrong that those rooms will cost more.


Ok, pirate themed rooms are located in Trinidad South which is the farthest village from OPR and the main pool. So not going for it. The pics are great on the room and would look like fun. We are going to stick with the standard room (cheaper) and stick with our request of Aruba or Jamaica.

DH got a big chuckle seeing his 17 yo son sleeping soundly in the ship. Mental picture is really funny.

Thanks again for all your help!!!