CBR Pirates rooms?


Planning a trip with DD next spring/early summer and had been planning on surprising her with an upgrade to POFQ from All-Star Movies…

HOWEVER: I might switch to a Pirates themed room at CBR and plan to hit the premier of the new POC movie when we’re there.

(Some of you know I love surprising family members with some kind of resort switch. I’ve done it a couple of times, once in the middle of a trip from POR to Poly…Just had the CMs move all the luggage to the new resort and we “just happened” to go by Poly to take a look after a day at MK. I asked the front desk person who was in on my surprise if we could just “look at a room.” He had a CM take us to a room, who opened the door, handed my DW the room key card and said, “Enjoy your stay!”)

BUT I DIGRESS… Any thoughts on the Pirates rooms and if I should try to pull this off? I want to make the plans with Keith at Mousektrips soon.)



No comments on the pirates but what a cool thing to do for your family. Don’t be upset if one of my future TR’s includes something like this. Love the idea!