Cbr .. should I ask for an upgrade?


I am going to CBR in Sept and this is the 1st time at this resort. i stayed at the pop last time.I heard that this resort is rather large and you can be some distance from the buses, should I ask for an upgrade for a closer room ?? Im so confused!
Thanks :crying:


It can NEVER hurt to ask for an upgrade! :slight_smile: We have gotten some really great rooms that were way nicer then what we booked. You are going at off season so you have a great chance of getting a free upgrade.


skeeternmunka!!! All you really need to do is ask for Jamaica (our fave!) or Aruba or Martinique. Jamaica is perfectly located just across the water from the Old Port Royale main building and the pool… you cross a path to get there, which is very neat. Aruba is also located perfectly across the bridge, and you would enjoy it! Martinique is located right in the middle of the action, by the pool and Old Port Royale.


I agree with MissDisney, you can call back and have a “request” placed on your reservation for those buildings. It’s real easy to do, they “note” your request on your reservation and upon check-in they do the best they can to fill your request.


I say go for it!!!


thanks ! I love this board


If you ask for a room closer to the food court, it is an additional charge per night. It used to be $5/night, but I am not sure what it currently is.