Searching for someone coming in Sept on R&R for the first time with wife, 17yr old, 9yr old and a 2yr old. What should they “know” about CBR (not WDW) to make their stay more easier and memorable. Thanks.


With CBR a lot matters about the location you are given to me. I have never stayed there. The one and only time I had that place booked for a trip, WDW had to put me up at the WL as CBR closed for an entire renovation (lucky me free upgrade!). Get a pic of that map and request a building or section I should say that will place them near a bus stop, food court etc. Search old threads where people talk about this resort and the location they stayed and go from there. The resort is totally beautiful, but the constant complaint I have read about it over the years is the bus transportation.


I think it’s worth it to pay for a preferred room location at CBR. We stayed there before it cost extra to book those areas and just got lucky and were put in Jamaica. It was nice being so close to the main area.


I have to agree with DT. If I did ever stay there, I would most definately pay for the location.


Thanks much, that’s a starting point. I’ll pass that on and look around for more.:wink:


We stayed at Trinidad South.

We are an active family and don’t mind walking. The walk from our room to the center of town was a little much. We ended up buying soft drinks at a soda machine because nobody after the first day would get the mugs full. We loved the resort but haven’t been back of even considered it because of our experience.

Also coming and going to the parks the buses do a loop aroud the resort stopping at multiple stops.

Go for a preferred room it’s worth it.