CBR,Epcot,and DCL TR -Mostly Pictures


Hello all,

I would like to share a trip report. Most of it will be pictures. In fact the cruise portion will be a rare treat of odd pictures of signs and figures around the ship. After our 3rd cruise I did not want to take the same pictures over again. :happy: I hope you enjoy.

Me - 40
DH - 52
DS - 10

We stayed for 2 nights at CBR in a pirate room and went to Epcot. Then we set sail for a 7 night western Caribbean cruise. It was a great Spring Break.


Our pirate rooms in Trinidad South building 34. In fact our room was easy to remember: 3456. It was a pleasant walk to the main pool and food court. This was our first stay at CBR and I enjoyed it very much.


We were lucky to catch the Flower and Garden Festival. Although this was prime Spring Break time the crowds were not bad at Epcot. It was morning EMH and MK and evening EMH at DHS. So, I think that worked in our favor.

Of course Soarin’ was too long of a wait and out of FP, but were were fine with that. We enjoyed our low key favs like Spaceship Earth, Figment, Nemo, and tried Ellen’s Energy ride for the first time - fun! DS also did the Kim Possible Mission and loved it. Time in Innovations East and West are always a hit for him as well.


While on-board the cruise we got many free things by being Castaway Club members and DVC members. Here is our loot.

Our Castaway Club welcome gift.

Nice wooden box from DVC

Lanyard from DVC

Free pins from DVC

More free stuff in the next post…


Here are several free cardstock posters that I think would look really niced framed.


Images from our room. It was a category 10, but what is called among those in the know as a SPH -Secret Porthole Room. A category 10 is an inside no window stateroom. But, there are a few that come with an obstructed view porthole. Its a great deal if you can get it.

Art on the wall

From the lamp shade

light fixture


There are 2 shops aboard this ship. I would visit most every day. They often put out a few new things throughout the week.

This one is Treasure Ketch. It was more adult items.

These are from Mickey Mates.


These are the decorated windows outside the shops.


love, love , love the pictures. thank sp much. now i really want to do a cruise.


I admit I wasn’t all that keen on doing a cruise (So happy with just the normal Disney Park stay) but now after seeing the pictures and reading your report, now I want to try it! Awesome pics by the way. How does your son relate to the cruise compared with the land stay at Disney? I have a 15 yr. old daughter who has had enough of the normal Disney thing and a cruise might enfuse some Disney magic back into her.


Wonderful pictures! Makes me want to plan a vacation!


Can’t wait to see more pics…I really want to take a Disney Cruise, DH does not, this may help me convince him. Did you do a land sea package and which ship were you on?


I am so jealous about the wooden box. I like that. I hope I get one on the next cruise. We are a family of 5, but if ever one of the family can’t go, I will look into a inside with a secret porthole.

Great pics!


My oldest turned 16 right after our last Disney Cruise in Feb and she loved it. The teen club really tries to make sure that they have a good time.


My son would pick a cruise over the parks any day. We would as well. It is all the magic without the pace of the parks. I think your 15 yr old would love the cruise. Lots of teens to hang out with.


We did not do a land and sea package. I find better rates just booking them separately. We were on the Magic for 7 nights. Next year with will try the Dream for 4 nights.


Thanks for the comments on the pictures so far. :happy:

Some pins I bought or traded for. I still had some generic ones that came with my lanyard so it was fun to trade for random things.




The night club area of the ship. This was adults only after 7pm.


Some of the towel animals made by our room steward - Phillip.


On our stop at Key West we did the Back to Nature Kayak tour among some mangrove trees. We saw some horseshoe crabs and a small shark.