CBs before "Rope Drop"


Just to make sure I’m not missing anything, there are only 3 CBs that allow you early entrance into a park.

  1. CRT at MK
  2. Princess Breakfast at Norway at EPCOT
  3. Donald’s Breakfastasaurus at AK

Am I missing anything?

And does anyone know what the earliest times are for each of these?


Don’t forget CP at MK…you know, Pooh & everyone!!! I think the times vary. I always ask when I call…


I called to ask about CRT at MK (I have a PS for 7:05am), they start taking PS at 7am, even when the park opens early, or during EMH. Because I’m going on EMH day at MK, I was hoping to get an even earlier breakfast because the park will really open at 8am (because of EMH), so I won’t have THAT much of a jump on everyone, but the CM said there is nothing earlier than 7am, no matter what.


We had a breakfast at CP before the park opened (I LOVED CP!). We did not do it to get done before the park opened because I did not know about all of this planning when I made the PS. The park opened soon after we were seated. At any rate it was the coolest thing ever to walk down main street by ourselves! We have a picture and people always say “where is everyone?” I am sure many of you have experienced this but I sure did not know about it or expect it. Too cool.


How could you forget Pooh Matt? lol I’m telling him. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Question: How can Pooh be in two places at once? He’s a regular at the 1900 and the CP for breakfast. I guess it’s because they’re so close. Maybe he uses the monorail. :wink: :tongue:


I think it’s that Disney “magic” that gets him from place to place. It must be 'cause I’ve never seen him on the monorail! :wink:


My son always asks questions like this (he’s 8 and he’s been 6 times!). Like we go to Chef Mickey’s and then back to MK and he sees Mickey there, in different clothes…I just tell him it’s all part of the Disney Magic!!!


Mary Poppins is at the 1900 with her friends at the GF? Did her and Pooh hook up? Is hanging with Mary on the side? OMG! Wait till Piglet finds out.


Dana, I had no idea you were such a rumor monger!


busted! :laugh: :laugh: