CDCT Experiment


Hey gang, today they’re going to test a new way of doing CDCT. They’re going to do the parade route BACKWARDS! So instead of stepping of in Frontierland by Splash Mountain, they will step off at Main Street like SpectroMagic does. There still will be the 3 show stops. They want to try this to see if it’s more of a guest satisfyer since many guest try to leave after CDCT and get stopped by the 3rd show stop in Town Square. If it’s a successful run, they will make it permanent. So heads up.


Thanks for letting us know!


Thanks for the tip! :flowers:


This actually seems more logical from a crowd control aspect.


I think this is a great idea! I’ve always wondered why it isn’t done this way. It seems to make so much more sense! Hope it works out for ya’ll!


It was a successful test. We need another test run though. So the week of March 22nd, for the entire week, we’ll run the parade this new route.


wow…let us know if it permanent, as I am sure that you will. You give the most helpful and real tips that are useful to the regular folk… Thanks for your help. Can’t wait to see it!


Agreed. This way makes WAYY more sense.


Thsi makes perfect sense! I think it will be well-received!


Sounds cool! Can’t wait to see it in June!


We’re going to be there the week before that, most likely, so I guess we’ll have to get a spot at FrontierLand!!