OK, so come quick tidbits on CDCT. First, doing the parade route backwards has proven to be a huge success and a huge guest pleaser, so it will become permanent. From now on, we will step off in Town Square and end in Frontierland, just like Spectro.

Second, due to guests response and a couple of other issues, there will be changes this summer to CDCT that will not only add more characters, but also have characters on the ground to interact with. Might even be a new show stop incorporated.

So that’s the latest on CDCT!


It’s so exciting to get the inside scoop! Thanks so much, Matt!!!


Yeah… another official reason to watch- not that I needed an official reason. We would watch it anyway!!! Thanks!


Thanks for the update Matt. Now I don’t feel so bad about missing is in Feb. I’ll get to see the new and improved version.


Thanks for the update!


All right. Great plan.


Great update! I think it is smart to start in Main Street - it seems to me that is where the biggest crowds are - and people patiently (usually!) waiting. So starting there allows the biggest crowds to see the parade a few minutes earlier and then clear out.