CDCT Version 2


Just a heads up that this week we’re in rehearsals for version 2 of CDCT. We will debut the “new” parade next Sunday May 3rd! Lots more characters, but one less float. We’re having fun putting it together so hope ya’ll will enjoy even more than the current CDCT version!


Thanks rowdy for the heads up! I always love to hear new things that are coming


Awesome! Hopefully we can catch this Mother’s Day! :heart:


We are going in September and wondering where the best place to watch this would be?


Haven’t figured that one out yet since haven’t gotten to watch parade as a guest but once.


Thanks Rowdy! its always exciting to be in ‘the know’ first!


Very cool info - thanks for the update. Can’t wait to see it.


It’ll be fun just to try to figure out what’s old and what’s new. :happy:


Ooh, thi is exciting news. When I first saw the CDCT online I knew something wasn’t right. I’m excited too see the knew version though.