CedarPoint in Ohio?


Let me hear all you good folks reviews on this park. Maybe four days? Let me have it, the good, the bad, the ugly! Thank you kindly!! :flowers:


I think Cedar Point is a great park! If you love rollercoasters then this is the park for you! I rode all of them but the Mellenium Force is not for the faint of heart. Its very clean and the service seems to be great. I haven’t visited the water park section yet. Highly recommended in my opinion. I’m planning a trip to go back there this fall.


When we lived in Michigan, we went for a long weekend 3 times a summer. It is the BEST coaster park we have ever been to. My kids also love coasters, so it was perfect for us. There are so many rides. I would definitely go. I would also recommend that you stay onsite there because the hotels that are off site are quite a drive to get to the park. Also, the traffic to get into the parks for those staying offsite is crazy. We spent one night at their value resort which is actually offsite, and did not like it. We paid the extra money to stay at the All suite resort onsite because there is nothing like walking right out of the parks and into your hotel room. The lines can be very long for the big coasters during the peak summer months. It is best to go at the beginning or end of summer since thet lines aren’t as bad. If you do go when it is busy, make sure you take advantage of the Fast Lane–definitely worth it and free. Fast Lane is where you get a hand stamp to ride up to 2 rides per day without waiting in the full line–similiar to Disney’s Fast pass, but there are only certain times of day that they give them out. They only give out so many per ride. Once they reach the magical numer, that is it. I think 4 days would be great. We usually went for 3-5 days and enjoyed taking afternoon breaks. As you can probably tell from my long reply, my family really enjoys Cedar Point. In fact, we are planning a trip to go back next summer for a week.


We went to Cedar Point last August.
Love the park… great rollercoasters…
Love it will go back…


GREAT PARK!!! But, I am partial to King’s Island… but CEDAR POINT is awesome and worth the trip… 2 days will be plenty in my opinion…


I agree with DayDreamer! If you love coasters, then you will love Cedar Point. We try to go up at least once a year, maybe two and just love it. I still haven’t rode Top Thrill Dragster, but I love all the other coasters, especially Millennium Force and Raptor. Fast Lane is a must for some of the rides, that way you won’t have to wait that long in lines. We try to go in the middle of the week, when it’s not that crowded and also graduation weekends (last weekend and this weekend) in Ohio are really good to go to the park and also during Halloweekends toward the end of October. It may be a little chilly, but there is no wait and the ride operators crank the rides up just a tad. We only take 1 day to go through the park, but we are not that far away. I would say 2-3 days, especially if you want to try out the water park would probably do. I have nothing bad to say about Cedar Point. Have fun if and when you go!!


It’s a good park. The only thing is the lines. We wanted to ride Top Thrill Dragster, but we weren’t willing to wait for the 3 hour lines. They have a fastpass like ticket thing, but when we went it was not well organized and was easily manipulated. That fact made a lot of the lines longer, because a lot of the locals knew how to manipulate the system. I’m sure that problem was taken care of.


I have to agree, the lines for some of the rides were long, but not as long as Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ.
I also love Dorney Park in Allentown, PA - they have some awesome coasters and the lines are usually not that bad.
We had season passes last year to Dorney so we usually headed out around 5pm and stayed until closing, we missed a lot of the buses and especially the sun (I burn really easily).


I LOVE Cedar Point. They have the biggest, fastest coasters in the country. They are known for their wild rides and having so many of them. I live in Ohio so we only go 1 day but if you are planning on the water park then 2-4 days would be great. Also, if you have younger kids consider doing kings island a few days. They are more geared to the kids…although they do have some pretty thrilling coasters for adults, I must say. We usually go just me and my hubby for a wild day at Cedar Point, and then take 2 days for the kids at Kings Island. They are both great parks, but just depends on what you want. HAVE FUN!!!


Cedar Point is Wonderful.


I have been to Cedar Point just about every year since Moby Dick was a minnow. Excellent! I have ridden all the roller coasters, even the kiddy coasters when my DD and DS were little. We would spend part of a day at the kiddy rides and then the rest on the other rides. It will take a good two days to do everything. That includes catching the shows. The wait for some of the more popular rides can be long. If there is a ride you really want to get on get a fast pass early. Expect to wait for Top Thrill Dragster about one to two hours. If you like speed, this is the ride of rides. I rode it and we went 120 mph in about 200 yards, we climbed 420 feet and down the other side with a twist. It has been known to make some people wet themselves. Yah, it’s that good. Stay at least one night for the Laser Show. It’s not WDW, but it is good. As mentioned before, clean. Food is good depending where you eat. Daytime can get a little hot, but the evenings and into the night it cools off with the breeze off Lake Erie. Next to WDW this is one my favorite parks. About the traffic, there are ways to get around all that madness.


If you want to ride the rides Cedar Point is the place to be. Myself, I perfer Kings Island. Wow - I haven’t been there is years - a weekend trip - maybe?


Kings Island, I haven’t been there for a long time. DD was about 7 or 8 and DS was 2 or 3. DD is now 21. I may have to make a trip down to KI and see what’s new. That’s after my trip to WDW.


Cedar Point is a world class coaster park. Two days is enough.


Cedar Faire (parent company) just bought Paramount Parks which includes King’s Island…


I grew up going to Cedar Point, Kennywood & Dorney Park. Cedar Point actually bought Dorney Park a few years back. Cedar Point is actually my favorite of the 2. Mean Streak is the best!!


I will be traveling thru Ohio this summer and would like to know if Cedar Point is worth the trip. No one in the family likes roller coasters, so is it still worth it? Also, will drive right past Kings Point on way to Church Hill Downs. Is that worth the stop also? (if so, then will take in a Reds game too).


Kings… Point? Kings Island, just north of Cincinnati is a great park but 2nd in every way to Cedar Point but it is all the way at the top of the state.

Cedar point has many great attractions andis a very old yet very modern park. Roller coasters isn’t all they have by any means but it is what their most famous for.