CedarPoint next summer


It is our next non-disney trip and I was wondering about where
to stay. Staying at thier own resorts or something nearby? The
closer the better for me. Comments? Also, what other parks are
in that general area? I thank you kindly.:smile:


Franco -
I have nothing to offer, but wanted to tell you that I’m coming with!!! :wink: Tell your kids you regretfully have to leave them home and take me instead. I have always wanted to go to Cedar point…coaster junkie heaven…lol All kidding aside, I look forward to many picutres of this trip and I want detail on all those coasters!


If you are looking to stay somewhere very kid friendly, there are two (or maybe 3) Hotels right outside the gates with indoor water parks attached. They look pretty awesome, though I have never been inside. My best friend lives there though and says one is better than the other-- I’ll call her and find out if you are interested. Also, Cedar Point is a BIG park, with summer crowds you will need at LEAST two days to do it all. It also has its own outdoor water park which is a good option for very high afternoon crowds. Its amazing though and you will have an awesome time… You’ll miss the disney themeing though!


You’re going to have so much fun! :biggrin:
Last year I stayed at the Breakers Express. It’s only about a 5 minute drive to the park. We went early in the summer (before Father’s Day) and they had a special - but I don’t remember exactly what it is. :blink: I know with every room booked, you get 2 free evening admisison passes (for after 5pm I think.) And, I think you get to buy discounted park tickets too. It seems to me the special might go away later in the summer - you’d have to check on that.
We found the 2 evening admission tickets really nice. It’s about a 6 hour drive up there for us - so it was really handy. We could leave home at a leisurly 10am (I hate starting vacations in a rush) and get there around 4pm. Check in, change clothes, and head over for an evening at the park!
There’s also some hotels directly attatched to the park, where you don’t have to drive to the park in the morning. But I’m cheap, and since you have to have a car to get to Cedar Point (it’s not near any airports) I see no problem with staying 5 minutes away and saving a little money. I think you even get free parking at CP if you stay at Breakers Express.
By the way, there’s a new coaster there next summer called “Maverick” and it looks so fun!!! I’ll be going also next summer (I alternate King’s Island and Cedar Point each summer.) I can’t wait!


There is also tons of shopping in the area with outlet malls everywhere!

(how could I forget?!)


We actually thought of this for next summer, but decided not to. I was in leveland for work this summer and saw a lot of brochures on Cedar Point and Sandusky attractions. I think there are 2 water parks near there also, the RocknRoll Hall of Fame (in Cleveland) and I think and hour south is the Football Hall of Fame.


Oh, man. I want to come with you! Since we only live about 1.5 to 2 hours away from Cedar Point, we go at least once a year, sometimes twice if we have time. If you love roller coasters, this is the park for you! I have rode all of the coasters except for Top Thrill Dragster because usually the line is about 2 hours long. There are quite a few hotels in the area, it just depends on what you are looking for. There are two hotels offsite with indoor water parks-The Great Wolf Lodge and Kalahari Indoor water park. The Great Wolf is closer, but the Kalahari looks like it would be more fun! Cedar Point also has their own indoor water park too. I know this year if you stayed at a Cedar Point resort, you did get in early, somewhat like Disney does. You can info about the hotels and such from Cedar Point Amusement Park, The Roller Coaster Capital of the World!.
As for other parks, the closest I can think of would be Geuaga Lake over by Cleveland. I would be around 1.5 hours away and it is also a Cedar Fair Park. I hope this helps!


I used to work for Cedarpoint and only am about 40 minutes away! You are going to have so much fun!

Breakers Express is nice, but you will have to deal with the traffic on the bridge if you don’t go too early. The hotels onpoint are nice and you can grab one of the busses to the park.

There are so many tips, but here’s my favoite. Don’t go in the front gate. When you park, look to the left…you will see the marina that has two restarants and a employee dorm. There is a public enterence Right there. And it is never busy, you get right in. It’s kind of hidden, but right across from the second restaurant/ marina store building.

Hope you have fun. I haven’t been back in a few years, guess it’s time to go back


Outside Disney CP is the best park out there…have a good time!


Cedar Point owns 4 resorts, 3 of which are on property. The Breakers has private entrances from it’s grounds directly into the park. One is by Magnum and Soak City. The other is right onto the Midway by Wicked Twister and the picnic area. They also have Sandcastle Suites and the Cedar Point Campground. The Breakers Express is just off the point and the Castaway Bay-Best Western/Friday’s/Indoor Waterpark is also owned by CP. Nothing they have comes up to Disney’s standards when it comes to hotels. Breakers is their top, and also oldest, it’s history stretches 100 years, but has much newer sections as well. The view might not rival what you’ll find at the Contemporary, but many rooms offer views of as many as 5 coasters, including of course Top Thirll Dragster. If you can time it this way, the first Friday in June every year is CoasterMania and is open for any current member of any acredited coaster club. It offers ERT (coaster rider talk for EMH) on some of the most popular coasters for 3 hours before opening and 2 hours after closing and lunch for no extra cost, other than your annual dues. This is also the first official night for CP’s (cough, cough) fireworks/laser spectacular. OK, so it’s not Wishes or IllumiNations, I’m a snob, but then again MF destroys EE so what goes around comes around. For fine dining at the Point, try The Bay Harbor Restaurant over by the Marina.
Did anyone tell you they’re opening their 17th coaster next year?


Franco, when it comes to other parks in the area, I’m guessing you’re asking if there are any other large amusement parks. There are three major parks in Ohio, all are owned by Cedar Fair now. Cedar Point in Sandusky, Paramount’s Kings Island outside Cincinnati, and Geauga Lake (also known as Six Flags Ohio andSix Flags Worlds of Adventure) in Aurora, somewhat southeast from Cleveland. The is also Wyandot Lake outside Columbus, which Six Flags is in the process of selling to the Columbus Zoo. It’s mostly a waterpark, but features a 1950’s vintage wooden coaster (that I was stupid enough to mis as we drove right past it). If you go to Kings Island from Cedar Point, you’ll find yourself passing through Dayton and driving right past the USAF Museum, another great way to kill a day.


i have never stayed there, but from what i have heard from the people i have spoken to the have, it sounds like a great place.


Live about 2 hours from there so not sure on the hotel front but have hear there are quite a few on-site. It’s a fun place take at least 2 days but it is no WDW lol


Franco, if you stay at The Breakers, you have a good chance of seeing this from your room. And they don’t have nothing like this in Orlando!


Soundgod, I am all over CP’s site and enjoying getting to know
the park. The first week in June is a bit too early for us as the
boys will still be in school, but I am looking at the end of June.
Staying on site is my preferance so I will be looking at thier own
hotels. We will be flying in mainly because I can’t do long car
rides, I have the patients of the “mad hatter”. What are the
better coaster clubs and thier benefits? Three days is that long
enough? I am thinking (unofficial of course, and behind the eyes
of the boss) of doing CP, Washington DC and BuschGardens Va.
in some kind of loop. Thanks to all for your comments, keep them


Unless you stay at the CP resorts, don’t expect too much from any of the local motels. Most are run down and very dirty. If you go to CP with Disney expectations, you are better off paying the premium price and staying at the CP resorts (plus you get early admission to the park). We go every June to the park and actually enjoyed our stay at the La Quinta hotel just a couple miles from the park. But we have tried staying at Howard Johnson, Comfort inn, and a couple of others and they were BAD!!! Have fun.


What an awesome pic of Top Thrill Dragster! Another thing I was thinking about if you would want a relaxing day would be to visit Put in Bay, Kelley’s Island, etc. I have not been to these yet, but my DBIL and DSIL have been and they really enjoyed it. One more thing, I usually get a travel guide from Ottawa County and Erie County and then Cedar Point sends out a book of coupons to use while you are at the park. Some are savings on tickets, some on food and games. Try these sites for more information. Ottawa County Visitor Bureau - Lake Erie Vacations - Put In Bay and Sandusky Cedar Point and the Lake Erie Islands.


my uncle lives close to there and he says they have the best coasters. kinda ka here in jersey is the same as the dragracer. best coaster i have ever been on.


chris24, you will have to come out here sometime and ride Millennium Force. That is the best coaster that I have been on. The first hill is 310 ft up and goes 92 mph. All I can say is awesome!!!


I would second that…that is my all time favorite coaster. No breaks until you pull in to the station!!