Celebrate! A street Party


Guys its diriving me nuts. I saw the parade and I want the music anybody know where I can get it?

I know its like 20 min cause i timed it.


Welcome to MB! I just saw it the other day and I love the music too. Sorry, I don’t know where to get.


In the shop next to the former magic shop, there is a store (not sure on the name) it sells all kinds of CDs. Some has firework show song, some have fantasmic, and I am pretty sure there is one for parades too. But, because it is actually in Disneyland, it costs a lot, and most of the CDs have only 1-5 songs on it. I believe it ranges from 15-30 bucks!!! But they are pretty awsome though…


thank you but i pretty much have every soundtrack i looked they dont have it. anywhere i could find it online? I found it on youtube and tried ripping it but it 64 KBPS it sounds terrible


Try subsonicradio.com


You could try EBay too. I am no sure if it was ever placed on a CD, bt I’ll tell you what, I am heading to Disneyland tomarrow and I will let you know if it is there or not.


I have the music track, send me a PM, I’ll arrange to get it to you.


Yea, Tim’s idea is better. I went and looked around yesterday, and I couldn’t find it. I asked a cast member and she said that it would possibly come out on CD in a year. She told me that it took forever for the Electrical Parade to come out on CD. Sorry. :frowning:


wonderful I PMed you thank you so much. this is like the best Parade right now. I have Fantasmic on CD thats Amazing…


If there are any other shows you might be looking for, let me know, I have just about every parade and show dating back to Party Gras.


send me everything youve got im on AIM i sent you my contact info