Celebrating 50 with Disneyland


My sister is turining 50 on the 11th and we are taking her to Disneyland that day. I want to make her day really special. I’ve heard that you can get a special pin made up saying “Guest of Honor” with the name or something like that. Does anyone know how/where to get these?

We will only eat one meal at the park–her demands, trying to cut costs! She loves to eat at the Blue Bayou, but it has been so many years since any of us have been to Disneyland (about 10!) that I’m wondering if there is something else inside the park that is just as good or better. No seafood or spicy/Cajun food, though (allergies and “la boca gringa!”), and there will be a 2.5, a 5 and a 9 year old with us ('course this IS the happiest place on Earth …). She raves about the last time she ate there and had the pork roast dinner, I’ll bet that’s not on the menu anymore though.

Any suggestions on how to get a table for the Fantasma or whatever? I’ve heard that if you’re savvy, you can get a table to see this show, otherwise you have to sit on the ground. I know she wants to see this, but she won’t be able to sit on the ground nor will she be able to stand for long due to arthritis in her hips and back from an injury.

ANY ideas of how to make this a super special day would be greatly appreciated. :wub:


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Well I’ll give you my ten cents since you asked! :wink:

I think the Blue Bayou is the place to go! The atmosphere is wonderful for every age. I love it more than my kids and they love it quite a lot!

The Blue Bayou is the one place I am most looking forward to eating at for my family trip in December. :biggrin:

By the way the pork roast she loves may still be on the menu, because if it is this one below then it was still on the menu in June of the year… And it sounds yummy to me!
Bayou Roast Pork Loin - Jerk seasoned and served with root beer spiced apples, our famous Blue Bayou potatoes plus sautéed vegetables. $24.99

Check out this website to see more menu items for everyone and kids too! The Blue Bayou’s menus are near the top…
Disneyland Resort Information - Disneyland Menus

I will have to let someone else address “seating” for Fantasmic and the Guest of Honor pins, because I am not so sure about those…

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I don’t have an answer for you. I haven’t been to DL in more than 10 years.
But I wanted to welcome you to DC. And with that I am bumping up this thread so that someone like dizzygirl or Mr. Incredible can see it. Since they are the DL officionados, they’ll be able to help.



Now to answer some questions…
as for guest of honour, they’re just little stickers now (not pins anymore) but you can get them at city hall to the left when you enter the park. But even better than being a guest of honour, or as well as :mickey: just tell them at City Hall it is her birthday and she’ll get a sticker saying happy birthday and they’ll write her name on it and literally every cast member at the park will wish her a happy birthday! It’s amazing how they notice it from so far away, it’s great bause you’re reminded and wished well every 5 minutes! :biggrin:

To get the Fantasmic prime viewing spot I believe the cost is $49 per person (not sure the child price) It’s a dessert bufft. Desserts, coffee, fruit, cheeses, etc. You get to sit on the 2nd floor of the Disney Gallery (above pirates of the caribbean)
I’ve never done it but appearently they treat you like royalty :slight_smile:
The space only holds about 18 people so you should make reservations if you’re going to do it, they can be made up to 30 days in advance.

Hope all this info help!!! :tongue:


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HI! Welcome to DC!!! That is so special to celebrate a 50th birthday during the 50th anniversary! I think the Blue Bayou is beautiful and yummy! I can’t wait to eat there during our next trip! I would call ahead of time and they can make a birthday cake for her. I’ve done that at several restaurants in WDW but I am sure they do it in DL too!

Have fun and enjoy!


WOW! Thanks everyone! Great ideas! And thanks for the welcome!


You can get pins with names engraved on them, and now they come with a “kit” so you can make it a pin, magnet, or keychain depending on what you attach to the back of it. There is also a gold one for this year. You can order them ahead of time at www.mouseshoppe.com, or you can buy them when you get there. I just had a friend of mine who lives there get me some like 2 days ago, so unless they’ve changed to stickers since then, that’s good information. These might be different from the Guest of Honor things you were asking about and Tessa was talking about, although I think mine says Guest of Honor on it… I can’t remember. At any rate, the birthday sticker is a better idea.

For Fantasmic, that price ($49) is what I was quoted a week ago for both children and adults, and they have now added an additional viewing area right on the river in front of the Haunted Mansion that holds about 40 people - but either way, if you are going the 11th of November, both areas will likely be sold out. The CM I talked to on the phone said all the prime viewing sells out within 3 hours on the 30th day out even in the slow season.


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Another tip if you want to save money on your meal is to eat at the Blue Bayou for lunch instead of dinner. It costs less and the meals are very similar (and the pork loin meal is available as well).

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Good one Gingita! I pretty much always go at lunch time for that reason! :wink: :mickey:


We are taking my mom for her 50th also. I already made a reservation for the Blue Bayou for her birthday meal and when you make the reservation they do ask if you are celebrating anything and the guest of honors name. :slight_smile: I’m of course planning on getting her the Birthday sticker, but I think I’m also going to have a cute t-shirt (click here for a fun t-shirt site ) made for her before the trip and I’ll make her wear it! And of course she will need a pair of gold Mickey ears to complete the birthday look! There are a lot of fun little things you can do to celebrate birthdays!


My husband and I are taking our daughter to DL 12-11 to 12-14 for her 3rd Birthday. We love the Blue Bayou. We make reservations and go at lunch time. We have found the meals to be just as big as dinner and less expensive. We also got out tickets for the Fantasmic Buffet. I called Nov. 12 exactly 30 days in advance to purchase the tickets. The tickets for the Balcony we already sold out by 8:15am… We got tickets to sit in the reserved area at the waters edge. The tickets were $51 per adult and $46 per child. The ticket agent said the seats by the water are more spacious than the balcony. We will also be served the desert buffet there too. I am excited and hope the weather cooperates.

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