Celebrations . . . a new way to get the Disney fix!


Celebrations Press | Bringing the Magic of Walt Disney World to Life

And I’m game to try it!! :happy:
How come I never knew about this before?? There on their 10th issue!


I never heard of this. I am too far from my purse, but when I get it, I MIGHT ORDER (dang caps lock :pirate:) it and maybe the back issues. It seems like I might not get a mini trip there this year :crying::crying::crying:
so this may have to do!


Not only would I enjoy this magazine, my oldest 2 children would love it too. I think this may need to be a gift I give to may family. Thanks for sharing, Smee!:happy:


I have every issue since the first and I LOVE IT! The info is great, the pics are beautiful and it is loaded with helpful info. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to get it.


I love this! I too have never even heard of this magazine until now. Must order now! Thanks smee!


I have never seen this but boy am I sure glad you posted this!!! Thanks Smee! my family and I are going to LOVE this :smile:


This is put out by Lou Mongello from wdwradio.com Excellent site and podcast! Check it out. Lou is a Disney guru!


Oh yeah, I got an email about this from Allears.net one time and I was going to sign up but never did. Thanks for the reminder.


We also have been getting the magazine since it started and have enjoyed every copy. Well worth the money. :wub:


Loretta?? You’ve been holding out on me???!!! :laugh::blink:

Alrighty, then. Lots of positives on this one. I’m off to subscribe! :happy:


Started my subscription last fall. I love the magazine.


Ooooh, I’m convinced and off to subscribe!