Celebrations Magazine


Did anyone else receive the premiere issue of this in the mail? It’s all about WDW, and basically feeds my need for a fix now and then. It’s edited by Tim Foster and Lou Mongello, and is available as a subscription - 6 issues for $29.99. You can subscribe online at Celebrations Press | Bringing the Magic of Walt Disney World to Life.

I will try to take a pic of the cover and add to this post later.


I may have to try this, because I still miss the Disney Magazine.:sad:
Thanks for the link!


[QUOTE=PhilliesFan;899523]I may have to try this, because I still miss the Disney Magazine.:sad:
Thanks for the link![/QUOTE]

I miss the magazine also. I wonder how to get a sample???


[QUOTE=PhilliesFan;899523]I may have to try this, because I still miss the Disney Magazine.:sad:
Thanks for the link![/QUOTE]

Me, too! However, I do like the Family Fun I replaced it with… though that’s really meant for parents. Oh, well… the travel stories are interesting.


I may have to give this a try. I miss the Disney magazine so much. I would read it from cover to cover the day it came then reread it slowly a second time.

Seems a bit pricey but I may have to order it anyway.


I’ve ordered it. Hopefully it will be here soon. I’m checking the mail everyday like a kid.


Also available for canadian and international :cool:

Just ordered mine, I will start to stand at the mailbox today :pirate:


We will have to order this too. We loved the Disney magazine when it was out. It will be nice to get another magazine about WDW. Can’t wait for our first issue to come!!!


I just put it on my Christmas List. Thanks for the heads-up.


Isn’t Lou Mongello the guy who does those Disney pod radio things?


ordered mine today, too! thanks for the link! Can’t wait to get it!


I’ve read through a lot of the mag, and it’s really good. It has tons of pictures, trivia, thorough resort information, and is about WDW! Who can ask for more?


Ordered mine!


Oooooh, I hope mine comes today:wub::wub:
I ordered a while ago and never knew when it would be coming.

Have to go track down that mailman now!!:ph34r:


I went to the site and it said that there won’t be another issue until December. Sounds like a perfect Disney gift for my DS who is as crazy about DW as his mom!!


Has anyone seen the Celebrations magazine in the book store? I was hoping to be able to purchase the first issue and look at it while we wait for our December issue to arrive. I asked the lady at Barnes and Noble if they she has heard of it and she looked at me like I just stepped on her cat!:blink:


I got my magazine today. I haven’t had a chance to really look at because DH got his hands on it before I could! He did let me glance at it, the pictures are incredible, I can’t wait to really get into it. When I got my subscription, I ordered the premier issue as well. That’s what I got today.


I ordered a subscription to it as well, but I havn’t gotten the first issue yet. :frowning:

I’ve meet Lou Mongello and Tim Devine. Both of the them are super nice people and huge WDW fans. I can’t wait to see what they’ve put together.


I got mine and it is AESOME:wub:

My DH stayed up very late last night waiting for me to put it down so he could look at it. They did a great job, I already can’t wait for the next issue!!!


The magazine sounds great! What kind of articles are there?