Has anyone gone and celebrated anything other than birthdays?


Haven’t celebrated yet, but this trip we will be celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary! Our Anniversary is actually in October.


Celebrating my parents 40th anniversary (unknown to them that I put this on the reservation) in June… but nothing yet…


How do they do other event celebrations? We are going for our honeymoon.


we have celebrated our wedding ( went there on Honeymoon ) and we have celebrated a few subsequent wedding anniversaries too. I think Disney is the place that you can celebrate anything you like and not have to worry about it. Paid off a credit card- celebrate at WDW / won the lottery-celebrate at WDW / fallen in love- celebrate!!! You get the picture :happy:


We have celebrate anniversaries there and enjoy doing it. Not just ours but our kids also.


We celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary last summer in Disneyland! It was a blast. We had a nice dinner, they brought us an anniversary dessert, etc.


We have!! haha. Just last year we celebrated four birthdays AND a 30th Wedding Anniversary and 3 first time visits!

It was wonderful! And so special!

The Wedding Anniversary was so magical! It was for my parents. I setup a surprise cake for them at Tony’s Town Square on the first night in WDW, a nice late dinner. I thought that would be so romantic and a great surprise and a great way to start off the trip!

I thought we’d just get the cake as the surprise, but they went above and beyond! They gave my parents, and everyone at the table free desserts in addition to the cakes and they gave my parents Mickey and Minnie wedding hats, and they sung to them! It was sooo beautiful and they made it even more magical then I dreamt for my parents!

They cried, it was all worth it, they deserved it! :]


We went for our honeymoon and first anniversary.


Wow, I’m gonna have to think of something extra to add to our trip.


we celebrated our 30th anniversary in January and they really bent over backwards everywhere we went. It was fun


This is my husbands first trip. I’m not sure I can get him to wear the mickey ears but I could probably get him excited about making his own shirt in DD and then wear it. Especially since the last few days we are there StarWars weekends begin and he loves Star Wars. We walked into our reception to the Star Wars theme song.


I’ll be going to celebrate my college graduation!! :happy:




We celebrated my in-laws 50th anniversary, although it was closer to their 51st (illness got in the way the year previous). We booked dinner at Narcossies and arranged for a corsage to be delivered just before our arrival. The waiter went out of his way to greet us and the manager came to the table just after we sat down to present Mom with the flowers. They had printed the menu with anniversary congratulations for Mom & Dad to take home and presented them with a special celebration desert. The Chef made a point of coming out to congratulate them and followup on Mom’s dietary needs.

It was clear that they let all the staff know and they went out of their way to make it special.


Thanks! I graduate May 1… if I got my way I’d be in Disney May 2!! :laugh:


In Sept, we’ll be celebrating DD’s first WDW trip (she’ll be almost 1 yr)!


I’m sure she will have a blast.


Our main vacation every year is timed to our wedding anniversary, although we broke tradition in 2007 and only went for free dining in September instead of our anniversary in October. We did free dining in 2006 also, but we returned for a few days in October as well.


Is there a way for me to do something before we go or do I have to plan something when we get there?