Centra Care


While staying at AKKV in 12/2009 I got sick and needed to go to the ER. Front desk CM told me about Centra Care. It is a mini ER/Dr’s office. They can handle a lot of things. They provide transportation to and from and a delivery service for your meds for a 6.00 fee. I chose to go get my own since the pharmacy was across the road. Unfortunately it was a Walgreens. I was told that a Walmart was close by, but they are the two places that don’t accept my insurance.:angry: The CVS was 4 miles away, so I was told. I was in so much pain I didn’t care how much I had to pay (100.00 for drugs) and normal ER copay (50.00) whole trip was 150.00 ouch, but I needed help. I was so glad the service was available to me.
I know you experienced MB’s probably know about this, but I didn’t. I am glad it exists, because anything can happen. I had a ruptured eardrum. They have 20 locations, and I was at the one near Downtown Disney.


We too had to use them once for our DD who was two at the time and has some problems with her kidneys. They were amazingly helpful. Being that we are from out of the country, we didn’t have the problem with insurance etc. We paid our bill and they filled our perscription and they made sure we had all the proper documentation to submit to our insurance when we got home. We highly highly recommend them, they made a difficult situation much easier without a bit of interruption of our vacation. And the transportation to/from the resort was an amazing option that we never expected.


Extra note about the Centra Care by Downown Disney: they REALLY make it a priority to get sick kids into the exam room and out as quickly as possible. We have used this office, and it has always been a SPEEDY visit! And tons of pharmacies on the same road as the clinic, Hwy 535 (Apopka Vineland Road). There are strip malls all over the place on that road, and there seems to be a pharmacy in each of them! You can literally be seen by a doctor, fill your prescription and be back at the parks in an hour and a half.


Back in September I had to take MissSMIG to CentraCare for pink eye… they were really great, only problem was a powerfailure which made us go to another location.


God bless CentraCare!


Can you say it again:laugh: DH thought I was faking until I said I needed to go to the ER. He knew I must be serious if I would forgo the parks:laugh: I was treated quickly. I may have gone crazy if I has to wait long in a traditional ER. I have never had an ear infection or a burst eardrum so I was crying like a baby:crying: I took two 800 mg motrin (no I don’t recommend that) and I was still miserable. I can not have anything keeping me from my Disney fun!:laugh::laugh::laugh:


We used Centra Care, and they were excellent. Although having to pay is pretty alien to us, and we thought the cost was outrageous- the care provided was really very good and of course we claimed it all back off travel insurance when we got home.


Not getting political here, but can I just say wooooohoooo! :happy:


Does anyone know if they do teeth? Last year while eating dinner at Marakesh my filling fell out…we still had 5 days of vacation left.:angry:I got the number to a dentist from the front desk, scheduled an emergency appointment for the next morning, then with further investigation found out it was 30 minutes away and the cab fare would be $100.00:ohmy:Plus the cost of being seen:mad:Anyhooo…I cancelled the appointment and didn’t eat on that side of my mouth for a few days:laugh:


Sorry you had that happen to you on that visit. Their website doesn’t mention dental services.