Century POP: Free Wifi and fridge,, now


Hi all,

I’m at Century pop now (March 7) and free WIFI just appeared for guest.
And it’s working great.
Also they they put the free frig in today. I’m in building 5.


Awesome! So good to hear!


The wifi was installed the week before last. They were waiting for the system to go online while we were there. Signals were being broadcast but there was no internet connection. I know because one of the transmitters was in our room so I hooked in via ethernet and checked out their network. They may want to put some security in place. :pirate:


That is awesome! I am glad Disney is finally getting in line with every other hotel. I will be bringing my laptop then. Perhaps a live trip report? We shall see.


good to hear. stayed there early Feb and would have loved to have wifi and a fridge. . .we missed the fridge surprisingly.


Nice to see it’s all finally rolling out after such a long wait!


Sweet hat’s off to Disney


Will the free wifi be for all hotels?